Tipping Point contestant Adam mocked for hilariously wrong answer

Anyone heard of Van Whittington?

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Tipping Point contestant Adam copped some online jokes after he failed to answer an easy question about famous highwayman Dick Turpin correctly.

Hunky Adam, who had earned goodwill among fans of the show because of his hot looks, blew it on a question about the well-known historical figure.

And because of his faux pas, viewers were soon saying sayonara to Adam.

Adam on Tipping Point
Adam got his Dicks mixed up (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Adam on Tipping Point?

Adam – a software distributor from St Helens – caught the eye because of his good looks.

But soon, he was on his way after he got an easy question wrong.

Host Ben Shephard asked: “In 1739, the legendary highwayman that was convicted for stealing horses was Dick who?”

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Adam was clearly struggling and, mixing up his Dicks, blurted out “Van Whittington”.

The answer was Dick Turpin, not Dick Whittington. And who is Van when he’s at home?

It was then that viewers took to Twitter, not believing what they heard.

How did viewers react?

One viewer joked: “Adam says it’s been great, and is now off, hoping to avoid Dick Van Whittington on his way home #tippingpoint.”

Another wrote: “Dick Van Whittington [cry-laugh emoji]. I damn near spat my tea out.”

Did Adam say Dick Van Whitty? Hilarious.

“Few people have ever managed to confuse Dick Whittington, Dick Van Dyke and Dick Turpin all at once #tippingpoint,”

Finally, one viewer said: “Did Adam say Dick Van Whitty? Hilarious [cry-laugh emoji].”

Georgie offered up a surprising answer (Credit: ITV)

What else has happened on Tipping Point recently?

You never quite know who you’re going to get on Tipping Point, and what they’re going to say.

Contestant Georgie stunned host Ben when she told him she was going to spend her winnings on rent.

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When Ben asked her what she was going to spend her money on, she answered: “Well, I owe my boyfriend some rent… so that’ll be really good because, you know…”

However, she soon backtracked and said she would like to go travelling.

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