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Tipping Point: Ben Shephard in hysterics over contestant’s ‘brilliant’ Mary Poppins blunder

Contestant Annelies had Ben in stitches

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard was in hysterics on the show today over one contestant’s blunder at the start of the programme.

During the first round of Monday’s (November 23) episode, host Ben welcomed hopefuls John, Annelies, Kealan and Kate into the studio.

Tipping Point contestant Annelies had Ben Shephard in hysterics (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point and why was Ben Shephard laughing?

For one of the questions, Ben started to ask: “Famous for carrying a weaponised umbrella and wearing a tuxedo…”

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But Annelies, a business student from Newcastle, cut in before he could finish: “Mary Poppins?”

The business student answered Mary Poppins to a question that mentioned a ‘weaponised umbrella’ (Credit: ITV)

She quickly realised her mistake and as Ben burst out laughing she told him: “Oh! I didn’t hear what you said!”

“That’s a very different film isn’t it. Oh, I was going on to say, ‘the Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot is better known by the name of what bird?’ He’s The Penguin of course.”

He continued: “Mary Poppins never carried a weaponised umbrella…”

Annelies said: “Yeah, I just heard umbrella and I [pressed the buzzer].”

“Annelies, that’s a great answer,” Ben said, adding: “Sadly it is wrong.”

The blunder had Tipping Point host Ben Shephard in stitches (Credit: ITV)

What did Tipping Point viewers say about Annelies’ blunder?

On Twitter, Tipping Point viewers likewise found it hilarious.

Mary Poppins is right up there as one of the best worst answers ever on Tipping Point.

One joked: “Mary Poppins and her weaponised umbrella would still make a better nanny than The Penguin! #tippingpoint.”

Another, writing shortly after, said their tweet was “delayed” as they were still “in shock over Mary Poppins”.

Tipping Point contestant Annelies quickly realised her error (Credit: ITV)

A third said: “Obviously it’s very different in the studio, but ‘Mary Poppins’ is right up there as one of the best worst answers ever on #TippingPoint…”

Someone else laughed: “Mary Poppins? I’ve heard it all now on #tippingpoint.”

Finally, a fifth said, with a string of laughing-crying and clapping emojis: “Mary Poppins…”


It follows a celebrity edition of the show over the weekend that featured Corrie star Daniel Brocklebank, comedian Shazia Mirza and presenter and author Gyles Brandreth.

During the episode, Daniel distracted viewers at home who are more used to seeing him as his alter-ego Billy Mayhew on the ITV soap.

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A number of those watching couldn’t help noticing how Daniel – who grew up in Warwickshire – doesn’t sound particularly like his Weatherfield character.

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