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This Morning: Deirdre Sanders’ appearance distracts viewers

Her blouse wasn't a hit!

This Morning agony aunt Deirdre Sanders hosted a phone-in on Wednesday (July 22) about parents coping over the summer holidays.

But as Deirdre, who last week admitted she broadcasts from her downstairs loo, appeared via video link, her overall look surprised viewers.

Deirdre's eyeshadow and blouse caused a stir on This Morning (Credit: ITV)
Deirdre’s eyeshadow and blouse caused a stir on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Wearing a bright blue and orange blouse and striking eye shadow, Deirdre’s look left some bewildered.

Deirdre looks like the strawberry Cadbury Roses chocolate.

What did This Morning viewers say about Deirdre?

Many fans watching at home thought she looked like she’d come out of a tin of Cadbury’s Roses!

One said her eye shadow made her look like a panda.

What was Deirdre’s phone-in about?

Deirdre's eyeshadow and blouse caused a stir on This Morning (Credit: ITV)
Ruth and Eamonn hosted Deirdre’s phone-in (Credit: ITV)

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Deirdre was giving exhausted parents advice on how to cope now the school summer holidays have arrived.

For parents, who’ve already endured a long lockdown with their kids at home, the prospect of six more weeks entertaining little ones can be daunting.

She advised Lisa, whose four-year-old is tantruming about the prospect of going to big school in September.

“The initial thing is to nurture yourself a bit, because he’s picking up a lot of his stress through you,” Deirdre said.

Ruth told Lisa she used to ignore her son Jack when he had tantrums because that was the only thing that worked.

Sam also asked about how her kids will adapt to going back after such a long time off already and then another six weeks.

Deirdre was sympathetic: “It’s such a difficult situation to be in. Now’s the time to bring back some routine. It may seem counter-intuitive at the beginning of the holidays, but start putting that routine back again. Getting up at a regular time in the morning and everybody getting dressed by a regular time in the morning.

“I know it’s hard, but it really will pay dividends.”

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