Alison Hammond fall

This Morning’s Alison Hammond reveals hospital dash after knicker-less fall in garden

Doctors suspected she had DVT

Alison Hammond has revealed she was rushed to hospital after suffering a fall at home.

The This Morning host shared footage of the fall – which was captured on CCTV – on the show today (July 2).

And, Alison being Alison, of course the footage and its accompanying story gave co-host Dermot O’Leary and the viewers at home quite the giggle.

Alison Hammond fall
Alison Hammond took a tumble and shared the CCTV with This Morning viewers (Credit: ITV)

What happened when Alison Hammond had a fall?

Alison explained: “Last Friday I finished the show with Dermot, had a lovely time, went home, chilled out under my pergola.

“I was chilling and the rain came down and my brother said: ‘Alison, come in. It’s raining’.”

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“I was walking out, had the rain on my face, my arms were out and something terrible happened,” she said as the home CCTV footage appeared on screen.

“This is my CCTV. Look, I’ve got my arms out and look what happens, I slip.”

Alison is then seen rolling around on the grass with a love heart covering her modesty.

Alison Hammond fall
Alison was seen rolling around the grass trying to get up (Credit: ITV)

Why was the love heart there?

Well… to stop Alison revealing what she’d had for breakfast, it seems.

“The reason why there’s a little heart there is because when I go home I like to chill out…,” she said coyly.

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“I like to take all my underwear off so there’s a little heart there to cover my modesty,” she said.

Dermot quipped: “The reason that heart was there is because it was stop, nunny time.”

However, all jokes aside, Alison did actually end up rushing herself to hospital.

Why did Alison go to hospital?

Alison said after the fall she noticed a large bulging vein on the back of her leg.

“It was actually quite a bad fall you know. I can’t get up there because I think I’ve broken my leg.

“It was absolutely awful,” she said.

Then she added: “Not only that then this vein came on the back of my knee. I was like oh my God I’ve got a DVT.

“I went to the doctor and the doctor was like: ‘You really need to go to hospital.'”

Alison Hammond fall
Alison Hammond was patched up after her fall (Credit: ITV)

Alison added: “So then I’m in hospital for seven hours… They patched me up. Did some tests, it wasn’t DVT.

“No DVT, it was just a vein and I’m getting old.”

Alison proudly showed off the plaster adorning her leg on the show, with Dermot commenting that he’d seen the “huge gash” on his co-host’s leg.

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