Deidre sanders on This Morning

This Morning viewers unimpressed with Deidre Sanders’ advice to woman who lost baby

The woman said she's been struggling with her mental health

Viewers of This Morning were unimpressed by Deidre Sanders’ advice to a caller today.

Aisha phoned in to the daytime show to get advice after suffering a stillbirth in December.

She explained that she’s struggling with her mental health at the moment.

Deirdre Sanders on This Morning
This Morning fans were unimpressed by Deidre Sanders’ advice to a caller today (Credit: ITV)

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What did Aisha say?

She said: “I’m struggling with my mental health at the moment because my son was stillborn in December.”

Host Holly Willoughby said: “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Aisha said she’s struggling all day and night.

Deidre told her: “It’s one of the most tragic losses, losing a baby. My heart goes out to you.

This Morning
Deidre said Aisha could try going for a walk with a friend (Credit: ITV)

“One thing you need to start doing is trying to take care of yourself.

“Do things like mindfulness, try and calm down because you’re overwhelmed with anxiety.

“Reach out to friends and share with family and friends how difficult you’re finding this.

“And with your partner. If he finds it hard, do say ‘it’s perfectly normal for both of us to be in absolute pieces over this.

“‘But it’s just something we have to go through.'”

Deidre also told Aisha to get in contact with the charity Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society).

Deidre Sanders on This Morning
Deidre said Aisha should try speaking to her family and friends (Credit: ITV)

When discussing whether Aisha could talk to friends over Zoom because of the coronavirus lockdown, Deidre said “going for a walk” is better.

She said: “I would really suggest Aisha either talk to people over the phone or go for a walk.

It’s a known thing that people can confide better side by side.

“It’s a known thing that people can confide better side by side.”

Viewers weren’t impressed with Deidre’s advice.

What did fans say?

One person said on Twitter: “You told a woman who lost a baby to go for a walk. I just can’t.”

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Another wrote: “OK I’m not being funny or rude but in terms of this poor woman please stop telling to go for a bloody walk!

“Sometimes it’s hard enough to get out of bed.”

A third added: “Deidre keeps recommending people to go for a walk..

“Most people struggling with mental health issues can’t even get out of bed or face the outside world.”

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