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Tuesday 7th July 2020

This Morning viewers uncomfortable over gambling advert following addiction phone-in

Seething viewers have lashed out at This Morning and ITV, with some accusing the programme and broadcaster of 'hypocrisy' over betting and gambling issues.

Agony aunt Deidre Sanders joined hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on the daytime show earlier today to discuss the scourge of gambling addiction.

One caller left those watching at home moved as she detailed the struggles she has suffered due to her own issues associated with the painful subject.

But many many viewers were left angry at ITV for the perception that both the broadcaster and the programme might be able to do more than advice and support via helplines or a segment on the show.

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A furious viewer tweeted: "@thismorning What a bunch of hypocrites' @'ITV are. How many of their shows are sponsored by and used to advertise gambling."

And another uncompromising critic added: "@thismorning bit hypocritical advising about gambling debt after screening a bingo ad. There should be a tv wide ban."

Not very sensitive.

"ITV is also encouraging people to gamble by your phone in competitions and your sponsor is Gala bingo," claimed a third observer.

And yet another disgruntled viewer pointed out: "@thismorning do you see any irony in doing a piece about gambling addiction and then cutting to an ad to win £96k?"

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The point was not lost on other viewers, who also lined up to express their frustration - with some social media users complaining that TV coverage is not blameless.

"@thismorning having a phone in for people wanting help with gambling addiction and then advertising a gambling site during the ad break seems wildly misplaced @ITV," raged one person.

Another objected: "@thismorning don't you think it's bad taste to do a segment on your show about gambling and listing to the horror stories and then, in the commercial break, right after there is a gambling advert for bingo. Just saying but not very sensitive."

And someone else likened ITV competitions to the wider issue: "This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Loose Women and many other shows on ITV promote gambling everyday. Very often with "we are giving away".

"Well your not, each entry costs £2.00 This can add up to a massive mobile phone bill, so think you should look on your own doorstep!!"

Some social media users are furious and believe such a segment could be considered "bad taste" (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

Similarly, another user made the claim about the comps: "No, actually YOU are not giving away anything, YOU are encouraging gambling."

Trying to find a solution, another respondent suggested it is time for a change to how products are advertised.

"Can we not start a campaign to remove all gambling ads from TV, radio, social networks?" they asked.

"I feel overwhelmed with all the ads."

And yet another person bitterly and sarcastically complained: "@thismorning have a bit on gambling addiction and then, during the ad break after, an advert for @tombola is shown. Good work @ITV."

ED! has approached a representative for This Morning for comment.

- This Morning airs on ITV on weekdays from 10am

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