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This Morning viewers stunned by guest’s incredible 13-stone weight loss

He once weighed 40 stone

This Morning viewers were stunned by a man’s incredible 13-stone weight loss transformation.

Dibsy first appeared on the show in October last year, weighing nearly 40 stone and being dubbed ‘the man banned from takeaways’.

At the time, Dibsy said he couldn’t do simple tasks such as fit in the bath or drive a car.

During today’s edition of the show, Dibsy returned and revealed he’s lost a whopping 13 stone and has finally been able to have an operation for a heart condition.

Dibsy first appeared on the show in October last year, weighing nearly 40 stone (Credit: ITV)

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He was joined by his personal trainer Mike, who helped Dibsy transform his life.

Dibsy revealed he is currently 27 stone and has lost 13 stone and two pounds.

Explaining why he had to lose weight, Dibsy said: “My heart rate was too high,” adding that he needed an operation to fix it.

Talking about the operation, he continued: “[Doctors] said they couldn’t put me to sleep so they sedated me instead because I’m still a big risk.

Dibsy now weighs 27 stone (Credit: ITV)

“But luckily, they shot me once and it all went back to normal. I’m just on medication now.”

Talking about his weight loss, Dibsy said: “I used to be the person who would avoid gyms and now I can’t imagine going a day without it.

“I can now fit in the bath comfortably, like everybody else. I can get into one seat on public transport. I used to take up two, if not more.”

Dibsy then revealed he’s taking part in a charity boxing event in his local area in July this year.

Speaking about Dibsy’s transformation, trainer Mike said: “I’ll be honest it gets me emotional because he was told he was going to die.

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Dibsy said Mike has set him a target of reaching 20 stone by the end of this year (Credit: ITV)

“Now, he’s got his life back. I’m proud. He’s like a brother.”

When asked what he’s “getting out of it” by helping Dibsy, Mike added: “It was his mum, she was crying. I’ve got three kids and she thought she had lost her son.

“That minute when I met her, I knew she needed help and I knew he needed help. I’ve done this a long time and I love what I do.”

Dibsy said Mike has set him a target of reaching 20 stone by the end of this year, adding: “I believe that I’ll do it.”

Viewers watching from home were left emotional over Dibsy’s transformation.

One person wrote: “Aww tears filled my eyes watching the #Dibsy interview there. Well done to him and his personal trainer.,”

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Another said: “#Dibsy is brilliant losing 13-stone for health reasons is incredible, and being able to have life-saving surgery is amazing. I really think people who take their lives into their own hands are great. Wishing him all the love in the world.”

A third added: “Well done that man losing the weight I’ve followed his story since the first time he come in to the studio #ThisMorning.”

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