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This Morning viewers outraged over children’s TV show about man with giant penis

The cartoon has sparked backlash online

This Morning viewers were left outraged today over a children’s TV cartoon about a man with a giant penis.

The Danish animated show focuses on character John Dillermand, who reveals how his extra-long genitalia gets him into all kinds of trouble.

The cartoon, which is aimed at four to eight-year-olds, was discussed on Thursday’s show with TV presenter Ulla Essendrop and Professor Stine Liv Johansen.

This Morning cartoon discussion
The cartoon was discussed on This Morning today (Credit: ITV)

This Morning discusses controversial cartoon

Ulla, who is a mum to a three-year-old child, said: “The director of the children’s channels says it’s not meant to be educational about bodies or genitalia.

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“It’s meant as a slapstick universe that explores boundaries and embarassing and forbidden topics that children of that age are starting to become curious about.”

worlds biggest penis man cartoon
Character John Dillermand reveals how his extra-long genitalia gets him into all kinds of trouble (Credit: YouTube)

What did Holly and Phil say?

Holly said: “I’ve got young children. Children’s programming is brilliant at starting conversations, we’ll watch something as a family and we’ll go away and talk about it.

“I am just wondering what questions will be asked when they see something like this?”

In addition, Ulla replied: “It’s a perfect conversation starter for children and parents to talk about all their curiosities regarding the body.

This Morning cartoon
The cartoon has sparked division online (Credit: ITV)

“Regarding the fact we’re all different and not being too concerned about what people think of yours.”

However, Stine said: “I don’t think you should think of this as a penis. It’s not a penis as we think of it as an adult.”

However, host Phillip Schofield cut in: “Why isn’t it coming out of his knee?

“Why isn’t it coming out of his chest, why is it coming out of there?”

Stine replied: “It is a penis of such but it’s not a sexualised penis, it’s a penis a young child has.”

This Morning cartoon discussion
Stine insisted the cartoon character’s penis not “sexalised” (Credit: ITV)

Phil asked: “What, 20 foot and striped? It’s not the penis everybody has.”

Stine said: “It is 20 foot long and striped and that has nothing to do with I assume anything a male individual has.”

Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby said: “I think in Denmark you’re much more open and I think have been praised in the past for programming for children that has been very open and actually, in many ways we have a lot to learn from you.

“I think people are struggling because they see this right now with it being a step too far.’

This Morning cartoon discussion
Ulla and Stine discussed the cartoon (Credit: ITV)

What did This Morning viewers say?

Meanwhile, viewers shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One outraged person wrote: “You should be MORE responsible for the future of children!!! That #Denmark cartoon should be banned!!!”

In addition, another said: “There’s really no need for children to watch stuff what they are watching now. It’s really so sad and unauthentic.”

After that, a third added: “Do the cartoon producers think it is appropriate for this man and his penis to go to the park and walk his dog with children around.

“What message is this sending out?”

Viewers laughed at the show

However, others saw the funny side to the cartoon.

One said: “The penis cartoon is everything I needed this morning. Where’s Willy.”

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In addition, another laughed: “Turned on #ThisMorning to see them talking about a Danish cartoon about a man with a 20ft penis and its a kids cartoon.

“What is going on?” followed by laughing face emojis.

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