This Morning viewers moved by 13-year-old trapped in toddler’s body

Angus Palmes appeared on the show with his mum

13-year-old Angus Palmes appeared on This Morning alongside his proud mum Tandy Palmes.

The teenager, who won over viewers with his smile and cheeky personality, is trapped in a toddler’s body due to a unique chromosome abnormality.

Tandy spoke about her son’s condition with hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Sarah Greene and viewers were left inspired by the amazing young man.

Angus is actually a 13-year-old but in a toddler’s body (Credit: ITV)

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Angus was born weighing a normal 6lb 7oz but is now only 3ft 1ins and weighs 2st 1lbs.

Speaking about why she wanted to come on the show with her son Tandy told the hosts: “There’s over one million children in the UK who have got disabilities and Angus is one of a kind and completely unique.

“I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention it’s not just the bog standard syndromes like Downs Syndrome and there are a lot of children with personal syndromes who fight a lot of battles.

“And people don’t always recognise them and they don’t get the services that they need.”

Angus suffers from a rare disease that doesn’t even have a name yet (Credit: ITV)

Talking about her pregnancy with Angus, Tandy revealed: “Angus didn’t really move at all.

“I kept going back to the hospital because I felt like something wasn’t quite right.”

Speaking about when Angus was born, Tandy continued: “When a child is born they do the regular tests on them but he didn’t respond.

“He was then taken to special care and he stayed there for about two and a half weeks.

“I had no idea anything was wrong although [the doctors] had their suspicions.

“They took us in an ambulance and we went to hospital and they did some genetic tests and three weeks after that they were able to tell me that they had found this unique chromosome abnormality.”

Tandy explained that she had no idea of Angus’ condition when he was born (Credit: ITV)

Tandy went on to explain that Angus can “point and touch things” but he apart from that he can’t “really comprehend things”.

Presenter Rylan, 28, then asked the mum what life will be like going forward.

Tandy admitted: “I don’t really have any idea. He’s never going to be able to live an independent life, he’s always going to be dependent on me.

“But we will work it out.”

Angus’ condition is in fact so unique it doesn’t even have a name.

Tandy revealed she calls the condition “the happy syndrome” because her son is constantly laughing.

Viewers loved adorable Angus (Credit: ITV)

Viewers watching from home were inspired by the little lad and in complete admiration for the teen and praised Tandy for being such a wonderful mum.

One wrote on Twitter: “Yes bless little Angus, what a lovely mum he has. #ThisMorning.”


Another added: “Little Angus on #ThisMorning is so adorable. It’s mind-blowing that he is actually 13.”

“Angus is so sweet and seems like a really happy boy with a great mum! #thismorning,” a third tweeted.



One wrote: “Angus is so lovely. Such a short interview. Wanted to hear more from his mum.. #thismorning.”

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