Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on This Morning

This Morning viewers left furious as photos of spiders shown without warning

The eight-legged critters didn't go down well

This Morning viewers reacted furiously today (Monday, August 24) when images of enormous spiders were shown onscreen without warning.

During a segment about spiders, phobias and how to ‘spider-proof’ your home on the show, some viewers were left terrified.

Spiders This Morning
This Morning viewers weren’t happy with the images of spiders (Credit: ITV)

Why did This Morning show spiders on-screen?

During the segment, presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes said that because of the wet weather more and more spiders are taking refuge inside people’s homes.

They then showed a sequence of snaps viewers had sent in of their eight-legged invaders.

While Ruth warned arachnophobes to look away, they also showed more spider shots after an interview with Alice Beer.

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Alice Beer on This Morning
Alice Beer offered advice on spider-watching gadgets (Credit: ITV)

Alice showed viewers a range of gadgets to help rid people of spiders around the house.

And it wasn’t long before viewers took them to task about the unannounced spider photos.

How did This Morning viewers react?

One viewer said: “Every year there is a baffling segment like this with advice on how to ‘Spiderproof’ your home alongside pictures of increasingly huge spiders that the presenters seem overjoyed to share.

If you want to stop them coming in it’s unlikely you want to see the pics.

“If you want to stop them coming in it’s unlikely you want to see the pics #ThisMorning.”

This Morning spider segment
This Morning viewers weren’t happy with the photos being shown (Credit: ITV)

Another wrote: “Why are they showing spiders on #ThisMorning… I’m now covered in goosebumps… hate the bloody things.”

Finally, a third messaged: “Who decided to fill a #ThisMorning segment for preventing/dealing with spiders (that will be watched mainly by people scared/phobic of them) with endless photos of spiders??

“The most unhelpful thing.”

What else did viewers say?

Meanwhile, the segment also featured an interview with psychotherapists Eva and Nik Speakman.

The pair also showed snaps of their per spiders.

They then spoke to terrified viewer Lisa, who had a fear of spiders.

“I’m just so desperate not to feel this way about them,” she said, admitting that seeing spiders reduces her to tears.

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“After Alice’s section on This Morning about the spiders, I happened to see ones that people had sent in and I was just crying.”

A Twitter user sympathised with Lisa, and said in the tweet: “Aww bless her she sounds like she’s close to tears. I feel your pain Lisa.

“This has been my reaction watching #ThisMorning today.”

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