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This Morning viewers left disturbed by Samantha the robot

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This Morning usually has a controversial guest on the show, but nothing could have prepared us for Samantha – the world’s first sex robot.

Now you may be thinking ‘hang on a minute sex dolls have been around for ages’, but as Samantha’s co-creator explained on today’s show, she’s one of a kind.

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Samantha sat on the sofa like a human (Credit: ITV)

Arran Squire created Samantha, a robot who has life-like skin, makes noises (yep those kinds of noises), and can even have a conversation.

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Arran gushed that he found his creation “beautiful” and explained that she wasn’t made to replace women altogether.

He said to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “A sex robot is not to replace people and we’re not trying to replace women.

Credit: ITV
Samantha has life-like features (Credit: ITV)

“It’s used as a supplement to help people, I believe it can do that – it helps people enhance their relationships.”

Arran placed his hand on the doll’s leg at one point, and Phil and Holly admitted to finding her creepy.

Phil said: “When she was brought in this morning I touched her arm and I found it really quite unnerving that it was quite a good feeling of skin but it was cold.

“She’s like a corpse.”

But the worst thing, and the thing that disturbed viewers the most, was that Arran revealed Samantha has a “family mode” when she’s around his children.

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Phil and Holly were visibly shocked (Credit: ITV)

Holly was visibly worried as she said: “Oh no, don’t, she doesn’t?”

Arran said he lets Samantha interact with his two children and he said they miss her when she’s not there.

Phil joked: “What, she’s going to read the kids a bedtime story?”

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But Arran explained: “She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science, she’s programmed with 1,000 jokes.

“There’s a lot to Samantha, she’s advanced.” Advanced indeed!

Viewers tweeted their disgust at the fact that she is allowed around the children, with one viewer commenting: “Introducing a sex doll into a home with young children is quite disturbing, even if switched onto ‘family’ mode.”

Another said: “A sex doll with a ‘family mode’ – I am mortified!!”

A third said: “Can’t handle Samantha the sex doll on @thismorning freaked me out.”

A fourth viewer tweeted: “Good Lord Samantha the sexdoll has a family mode for the kids #ThisMorning wtf!!”

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