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This Morning viewers in tears as elderly woman cries over losing her beloved cat

Geraldine said her cat was her "only friend"

Viewers of This Morning were in tears as a woman broke down over losing her pet cat.

Geraldine called in to the show on Wednesday to get advice on how to grieve for her loss from agony aunt Deidre Sanders.

She said she had her cat Tigger for 19 years and he died in March.

This Morning caller
Geraldine broke down over losing her cat on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Geraldine said Tigger was her “only friend” as she has no family.

She tearfully said: “My cat was put down on the 12th of March. The vet came to the house and put him down in front of me.

It is heartbreaking when they are like members of our family.

“The grief has been quite unbearable really. [I had him for] 19 years.”

Holly offers advice

Host Holly Willoughby offered comfort, saying: “They’re a member of your family, they’ve been through everything with you.

“They’re by your side all the time. I totally get it.”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Holly offered comfort to Geraldine (Credit: ITV)

Geraldine said: “I’m on my own, I don’t have a family. I’m 70 in two weeks time.”

Deirdre told her: “It is heartbreaking when they are like members of our family.

“I think you have to accept you grieve the loss of your cat the same way you would grieve a member of your family.

“You’re looking at about a year at least of trying to process that.

“There is a Blue Cross Bereavement helpline. Do check them out.

Phillip schofield on this morning
Phillip told Geraldine to try and focus on the memories she shared with Tigger (Credit: ITV)

“We’re going to get back in touch with you in a week or two to see how you’re doing.”

Deirdre added that Geraldine could create a book of her favourite memories with Tigger.

Geraldine said she had some flowers and a cat ornament sent to her from a lady at her local garden centre.

Meanwhile, Phillip Schofield told her: “One of those things not to forget is how amazingly lucky you were to have had that cat for 19 years.

Deirdre Sanders on This Morning
Deirdre said Geraldine could create a book of her favourite memories with Tigger (Credit: ITV)

“And to have had a relationship and friendship like that. We’ll get in touch again in a week or so.”

Geraldine said: “Thank you Phillip.”

Viewers were emotional listening to Geraldine.

What did viewers say?

One person said on Twitter: “Crying my eyes out for Geraldine please can someone get her a new cat, not to replace but to give love and purpose.”

Another wrote: “Listening to Geraldine who lost her cat was so upsetting, I’ll be thinking about her all day.

“Makes me so sad to think that some people literally have no one, really hope This Morning give her some help.”

A third added: “Oh my heart is broke for Geraldine.”

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