This Morning viewers horrified over guest’s extreme lengths to look like a cartoon character

Pixee Fox has had 200 surgeries to change her entire appearance

Pixee Fox appeared on Monday’s This Morning to reveal why she spent £500K to look just like a cartoon character.

The plastic surgery-obsessed 27-year-old told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield she has had a whopping 200 surgeries from re-colouring her eyes to having her cheeks chiselled.

But viewers watching from home were horrified after Pixee confessed to having SIX of her ribs removed to achieve a teeny tiny waist.

Pixee had six of her ribs removed to get a 16 inch waist (Credit: ITV)

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As Pixee walked into the studio a stunned Phil said: “I don’t know how you have any space for your internal organs!”

When asked why she considered having her ribs removed Pixee told the presenters: “I’ve always been very artistic and as a child I was always living in my own little fantasy world.

“I had this vision of myself how I saw myself and at first I was against plastic surgery.

“Then when I started modelling I realised the vision I had in my head wasn’t matching what I would see in the images.”

Pixee first had her nose done and then had her breasts enlarged and shortly after had her eyelids done.

She said: “I knew from the beginning that I wanted a lot of work done.

Pixee wants to look like a cartoon character (Credit: ITV)

The trio then started a discussion about Pixee’s most extreme surgery – the removal of her ribs.

Following her surgery Pixee has become the only woman in the world to remove six of her ribs.

Pixee explained: “For me it’s no longer about creating a certain look for me I see myself as a science project. I am basically a pioneer in the beauty industry.”

Presenting duo Holly and Phil then got Pixee to stand up to show off her incredibly small 16 inch waist.

And to make it even more extreme Pixee revealed she’s planning on going for the world record, which is 15 inches.

The model looked very different before her plastic surgery procedures (Credit: ITV)

A concerned Phil, 55, asked the star: “Does it affect the workings of your body because those ribs are there for a reason and protection of our internal organs. Everything has it’s own space but for you it doesn’t.”

Pixee replied: “First of all I have the corset which I always wear which is like my external rib cage.”

Holly, 36, then asked: “If you took that corset off would your spine not be able to support your body?”

Pixee responded: “My health is not an issue. I don’t need to wear the corset.”

She went on to explain that the surgery hasn’t affected her digestion or her breathing but if she got “hit in the side” her organs would be more “exposed”.

Phil and Holly were shocked at Pixee’s extreme body shape (Credit: ITV)

And if this wasn’t extreme enough Pixee went on to reveal that she’s even gone under the knife in India to have the colour of her eyes changed.

The surgery isn’t performed in the UK because of the dangers that come with it.

Pixee then went to Korea to have her jaw reshaped which she described as the “most intense procedure I’ve had in my life” which could have left her paralysed.

The model went on to reveal she’s planning even more surgeries in the near future including a procedure she’s “invented” herself.

Viewers watching from home weren’t impressed with Pixee’s extreme look.

One tweeted: “How does her organs fit in with that tiny waist.”

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“Horrified that any plastic surgeon would remove 6 ribs, let alone do any more work on her,” another added.

A third wrote: “This woman has definitely got a screw loose. Why remove your ribs and risk becoming paralysed just to look like a cartoon #deluded.”

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