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This Morning viewers hail single dad as “inspirational hero” for adopting four complex needs kids

Viewers were bowled over by Benjamin Carpenter's amazing story

He was introduced as Britain’s most inspiring dad on Friday’s episode of This Morning – and viewers couldn’t agree more!

Single dad Benjamin Carpenter has adopted four children with complex needs after realising that becoming a father was the most important goal in his life.

The 33-year-old’s four kids – Jack, Ruby, Lily and Joseph – all joined him on the sofa.

Ben adopted four children with complex needs (Credit: ITV)

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Ben explained: “Jack has autism. Ruby has quite complex needs, there are too many to list or I’d be here all day, Lily is profoundly deaf, and Joseph has Down’s Syndrome.

“People are probably thinking, ‘How does this man spread himself?’ but I do. We are a loving family.”

As Joseph giggled away on his knee and Lily and Ruby skipped around the studio, Ben said: “I only ever wanted to be a father. I never wanted a relationship.

“I knew adoption was my route to becoming a dad and, to me, biological children isn’t the be all and end all.

“People may look at me and think, ‘What on earth is he doing? How can he cope?’ But I can cope and I have amazing family and friends.”

The kids were impeccably behaved (Credit: ITV)

Ben first applied to adopt when he was just 21 years old after being raised in a religious household and spending a lot of time giving back to the community as a youngster.

“I remember, as a child, going into nursing homes and giving that love and support there, and it’s just really grown with me,” he said.

Encouraging people not to be put off adoption by the idea of red tape, he said: “The government have changed the guidelines now and the process is a lot faster. There are quite stringent checks and when I was the first-time adopter, I had to prove myself and that it was right for me and the children.”

With youngest son Joseph (Credit: ITV)

With four young kids, he certainly has his hands full! But Ben said it’s a “never say never” when it comes to adopting a fifth child.

For now, he said: “The kids have a good sibling bond and we’re a happy family.”

When asked if he’d like to share his life with a partner, Ben said: “I say never say never. Right back at the start, I can remember a social worker saying to me, ‘Do you want a relationship?’ My answer was, ‘No, no, why would I want one?’ And she said, ‘That’s very silly, there’s someone out there for everybody’.”

Ben said his kids have an amazing sibling bond (Credit: ITV)

As well as looking after his energetic brood, Ben volunteers on a local adoption panel to help match prospective parents with children in need of a loving home.

“For me, that’s giving back. I have done my round and it’s me giving back to society, really.”

Ben said being a dad was his life’s goal (Credit: ITV)

As for whether he thinks he’s special, modest Ben said: “Not really. I’m just me. I’m just Ben. I get why people see it’s so special – I get that – but for me, it’s just being a parent.

“Adopting is the most loving, rewarding thing you’ll ever do. I won’t sugarcoat it. It comes with its stresses and strains, but it’s just the best thing you can ever do.”

Eldest son Jack loves singing and dancing (Credit: ITV)

Ben’s interview pulled at viewers’ heartstrings, with many taking to social media to praise him as a “hero”, “inspirational”, “amazing” and “incredible.”

One wrote: “So wonderful to see Britain’s most inspiring dad on This Morning. That man has so much love, brought tears to my eyes.”

Another said: “Lovely to see a really positive interview. What gorgeous children and a wonderful dad.”

A third added: “A true legend with four happy, confident, well-behaved children. Total respect.”

In a sweet moment at the end of the interview, Ben’s eldest son Jack jumped up from the sofa to give Ruth a cuddle.

Ben revealed Jack’s a huge fan of singing and dancing and has been watching Ruth’s performances in Strictly Come Dancing.

Jack got a cuddle from Ruth! (Credit: ITV)

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He snuggled up to Ruth while Eamonn wrapped up the interview.

She promised him a dance off-screen after the show.


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