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This Morning viewers fume as headteacher insists parents should continue educating kids at home

Katharine's views certainly got viewers talking

This Morning viewers were left fuming today (Monday, January 10) as a headteacher insisted that parents should continue educating their kids at home.

Katharine Birbalsingh, the headteacher of a school in Wembley Park, divided viewers following her appearance as a guest on the show.

What happened on This Morning today?

phillip schofield, Holly willoughby welcome headteacher on this morning
Phill and Holly’s discussion with Katharine divided viewers (Credit: ITV)

During a segment of the show today, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed Katharine on.

On January 3, Katharine posted a tweet calling for parents to teach their kids at home.

“Parents! Never has there been a better time for you to teach your kids at home,” she wrote.

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“Don’t assume they are being taught well at school. You might get lucky. Great! But don’t assume it. Teach them after school. Daily. Always. Other parents do. They just aren’t telling you.”

“Obviously this has had quite the reaction,” Holly said as Katharine appeared on the screen. She then explained that this was Katharine’s opportunity to explain the tweet.

“Because you’re not suggesting that people go home and get a whiteboard out and sit their children down in front of it as you start doing algebra,” Holly said.

What did Katharine say on This Morning?

headteacher katharine this morning
Katharine has been dubbed the “strictest” headteacher in Britain (Credit: ITV)

Katharine then explained what she meant by her divisive tweet.

“No, well, I mean if you want to do that you can,” Katharine replied. She then went on to explain that her main concern is that parents don’t know what sort of quality of teaching their kids are receiving.

Katharine said that parents can help their children learn by taking them to museums, reading with them, and making them count the peas on a plate.

“Children will want to copy their parents,” she said. “So if they see you on your phone all the time, then they’ll go on their phone.

“Whereas if you’re reading with them – I always say to parents try and spend half an hour if you can and if you can’t, do 10 minutes.”

How did viewers react?

phillip schofield and holly willoughby on this morning
Holly and Phill questioned Katharine on her views (Credit: ITV)

Some viewers of This Morning were less than impressed with Katharine’s views, with many disagreeing with her.

“No, school is for learning academic things, home is for love, and morality, playing, and relaxing. If schools & teachers cannot teach then they need to re-train,” one viewer tweeted.

“If I had wanted to teach, I would have taken a teaching degree!!” another viewer said. “Home is where we relax and enjoy our time together as a family! The pastoral aspect of education and care is as important as the academia, now more than ever, the kids need this guidance.”

“What is the point of her being there she is in charge of that school & if teachers are tired that school is not being run properly. Parent work long hours also & they are tired too,” a third viewer said.

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Some viewers agreed with Katharine’s views though.

“I think what she said was entirely reasonable,” one said. “Kids shouldn’t just be ‘taught’ Monday to Friday 9-3. Parents have a responsibility to teach alongside the curriculum and it can be done in fun ways.”

“This is a fantastic teacher and correct on everything they say. Holly and Phil piled on a bit too much. Parents do need to do their bit,” another tweeted.

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