Rochelle this morning

This Morning viewers are convinced Rochelle Humes flashed her knickers on the show today

It came during the 'toe-ga' segment

This Morning viewers quipped that Rochelle Humes flashed her knickers on the show today.

The former Saturdays singer was hosting alongside Eamonn Holmes after Alison Hammond called in sick.

And, as Rochelle hosted a segment on toe yoga, or toe-ga, viewers said she gave them an eyeful!

Rochelle this morning
Viewers were convinced they could see Rochelle Humes’ knickers on This Morning today (Credit: ITV)

What did Rochelle wear on This Morning today?

Rochelle posted her outfit details for Monday’s show (August 30) to Instagram.

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She revealed she was wearing a lemon jumper and lilac leather-look skirt with a racy slit at the front.

And it’s this slit that led to viewers thinking that they’d got a flash of her drawers.

Rochelle this morning
Things did get a little risqué for the star at one point (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Rochelle on This Morning today?

Rochelle took off her mules and took part in the toe-ga segment.

She was seen sitting with her knees together facing the camera.

However, because the skirt was pretty tight, it gaped as she sat down.

As a result, viewers said that they thought they could see that she was wearing “black knickers”.

Later in the segment Rochelle decided to demonstrate one of the exercises – picking up a towel with her foot.

This saw her lift one of her legs up towards the ceiling, giving Eamonn and the toe-ga teacher a quick flash, some said.

‘We’re seeing a lot more than Rochelle’s feet’

“Rochelle….we’ve just seen your pants,” quipped one viewer.

“Whoa Rochelle! Nearly saw what you had for breakfast,” laughed another.

A third couldn’t focus on the toe-ga and said: “I think we are seeing a lot more then Rochelle’s feet right now 😂😂😂.”

One said: “Well, this segment is pretty ‘revealing’ if I may say so!”

“Eamonn is getting an eyeful of Rochelle‘s feet and more besides,” another quipped.

“I think Rochelle should’ve worn trousers today. I really didn’t want to see what she had for breakfast,” said another.

“Bloody hell Rochelle, if your mission was to show everyone your [bleep] you’ve succeeded,” another laughed.

So did Rochelle flash her knickers?

The star hasn’t yet broken her silence on knicker-gate.

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However, in all likelihood, the triangle that looked like her knickers was most probably a shadow cast by the material of the skirt.

We wonder if she’ll wear a more conservative outfit when she hosts the show with Eamonn tomorrow…!

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