This Morning viewers appalled by nipples comment in breastfeeding debate

It's rattled the audience

During a debate about breastfeeding in public places on today’s episode of This Morning (Thursday 18 July), viewers were left stunned when an author argued that ‘boobs are to attract men’.

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After speaking with a woman who had been asked to stop breastfeeding on a commercial KLM flight, hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford debated the issue in the studio with Lottie Daley and author and columnist Virginia Blackburn.

“I was on the Tube quite recently and a young couple sat down and with a flourish this woman produced her breasts and clamped her child and I was like, ‘For god’s sake’,” Virgina said.

She added: “It’s not just a nipple it’s secondary genitalia.”

“Is that because women’s breasts have been sexualised? I mean, women’s breasts are there to feed babies. That’s what they’re for,” Ruth answered.

Virginia said in reply: “They’re there to attract men as much as they are to feed children. I mean, that’s a fact.”

The author and columnist’s extreme views attracted a negative reaction on Twitter.

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One Tweeter said, “#KLM are you actually for real?! Babies need feeding; what isn’t acceptable are adults munching on toasted sandwiches & downing drinks, stuffing crisps like they’ll never eat again…offer them a blanket and us earplugs #sortyourselvesout #breastfeeding #thismorning.”

A second wrote: “I’ve joined Twitter today just to say GET A GRIP it’s a mother feeding a baby, nothing more. If a flash of a nipple and a breastfeeding baby is the most offensive sight someone has seen whilst travelling they should count themselves lucky #thismorning #itsnatural @ManVersusBaby.”

There was one person, however, agreed with Virginia.

A Twitter user wrote: “I agree with covering up!”

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