This Morning dog dyed today

This Morning today: Woman criticised for dyeing dog bright colours

Nicole insisted her pooch Stella is happy when she's dyed

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A This Morning guest has been criticised today for dying her dog bright colours.

Dog groomer Nicole appeared on Wednesday’s show alongside her four-legged friend Stella to defend dyeing her bright colours.

Nicole said she rescued Stella, who had a difficult start in life as she came from a puppy farm and was mistreated.

This Morning guest today - dyes her dog
Nicole defended dyeing her dog Stella on This Morning today (Credit: ITV)

What did Nicole say on This Morning today?

Nicole said: “She’s definitely come a long way since I rescued her. She was even terrified of me.”

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Nicole said Stella is the face of her pet salon, Forever Loved, and even helps calm other rescue dogs while they’re being groomed.

She then turned Stella around to reveal the pooch had “stay safe” dyed onto her fur.

This Morning dog today
Nicole said Stella likes her dyed fur (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about what happens to Stella when she’s dyed, Nicole said: “When I adopted her, she already came dyed.

“Nobody wanted her so they dyed her with vegetable based stain which is very safe for dogs.

“I thought it was cute but we shaved it off and it grew out and she just laid in her bed and moped, it was really sad.

“So we decided to dye her again and then she was so happy. She ran around the salon, dancing and pawing all of us. She was so happy.”

Host Phillip Schofield asked: “It actually altered her personality when she was recoloured?”

This Morning dog today
Stella rescued from a puppy farm (Credit: ITV)

Nicole addresses negative attention

Nicole said: “Yeah, I think because she gets a lot of attention when she’s coloured. It really brings her out of her shell.

“I don’t know if it’s the attention or the fact she feels really good about it, but she just loves her colour.”

Speaking about negative attention, Nicole said: “We take the time to stop and talk to them and introduce Stella and why we dye her.”

Nicole then revealed she had Stella dyed bright pink for her wedding day.

As a photo popped up showing Stella’s pink fur, Holly Willoughby said: “I know you’re saying it’s safe, but that is full face and right up to the eyes.”

This Morning dog today
Stella matched Nicole’s bridesmaids on her wedding day (Credit: ITV)

“When I look at that I go, ‘Is that okay?'”

What is wrong with people? Leave the poor animals alone.

Nicole said: “You can tell in the picture there’s a little bit of white left around the eye where we didn’t go close. You also put, prior to the dye, mineral oil in the eye to protect it.”

What did This Morning viewers say?

One unimpressed person said: “So Stella is a rescue dog, doesn’t this woman think leave her the way she is?

“Colouring her like a colouring book is a form of cruelty.”

Another wrote: “Poor dog needs rescuing again from her selfish attention seeking owner. DOGS ARE NOT ACCESSORIES!!”

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A third added: “Watching #thismorning and these mad people who want to dye the fur of their pet dogs.

“What is wrong with people? Leave the poor animals alone.”

However, one said: “If the Dog is happy with it and the dye doesn’t harm it or its fur, then I don’t think it’s cruel. Quite clever I think.”

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