Chihuahua beauty pageant take splace on This Morning with dogs seen in tutus and other outfits

This Morning today: Viewers complain over chihuahuas in princess dresses segment

"They're not toys"

Some viewers of This Morning today were left shocked after a segment of the show featured dogs dressed up and put on display.

The segment on Tuesday’s show (August 31) saw hosts Rochelle Humes and Eamonn holmes hosting a Chihuahua beauty pageant – and viewers were not impressed.

Fans of the show were shocked to see the pooches parading around in dresses as dog events organiser Kerry Brook filled them in on the competition.

Chihuahua in a tutu on This Morning
Chihuahua in a tutu on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Furious fans then took to Twitter to air their disgust at the feature. Some even accused the show of promoting animal abuse.

One irate viewer wrote: “Call me old fashioned but I think a dog already has clothes… it’s called fur you freaky animal abusing weirdos!!”

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Another continued: “What is wrong with these people dressing up dogs in dresses, they are animals and treating them in this way is cruel. These people should buy themselves Barbie dolls and dress them instead.”

Rochelle Humes and eamomnn Holmes on This Morning
Rochelle and Eamonn saw the funny side of the segment (Credit: ITV)

A third ranted: “Don’t care what people say, oh it’s cute, oh it’s harmless, it’s so wrong!! You do not dress up a dog because not only do they look stupid, they are not a play thing!

“They’re a fecking dog just take them out to the park for a run-around, it’s so pointless!”

The hate didn’t stop there as more viewers joined the hoards of complaints filtering through the social media site.

Two chihuahuas in fancy dress een on This Morning
Two of the featured dogs in fancy dress (Credit: ITV)

One posted: “Dogs are not a fashion accessory and  This Morning is being really irresponsible encouraging viewers to dress dogs like dolls. Also exposing the dogs to stress unnecessarily on TV. Disgusted! This Morning is becoming trash TV.”

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Another continued: “Putting your dog in a clown outfit for ‘fun’ is for your own fun, not theirs.”

One concerned viewer noted: “She looks terrified bless her.”

And another was quick to point out their disdain at spending so much money on frivolous things. Especially when the world has far bigger problems.

They wrote: “Spending £100 on dog dresses when people are queuing for food banks We truly lost our way.”

Not everyone was against the telly strand though. One viewer said: “I think they’re so sweet. My dog doesn’t sit like that, he’s too hyper.”

And another argued: “I’ll say it again. I’d much rather see loved dogs like this rather than hear about the cruelty. A chihuahua won’t let you do anything it doesn’t want you to either, feisty af.”

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