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This Morning viewers in hysterics over Phillip Schofield’s swipe at Boris Johnson

Phillip was feeling cheeky today!

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This Morning viewers were left in hysterics today over Phillip Schofield‘s savage swipe at Boris Johnson.

One fan of the show even said it was the “best thing he’s said in years”!

What happened on This Morning today?

phillip schofield rochelle humes this morning today
The host saw the opportunity for a joke and took it (Credit: ITV)

Phillip made his cheeky swipe at the Prime Minister during a relatively innocent discussion on the show.

The 59-year-old, Rochelle Humes, Camilla Tominey, and Matthew Wright were discussing some of the day’s biggest news stories.

At the end of the segment, Phillip bought up the fact that the Dorset Knob Throwing event had been forced to cancel.

This is due to the fact the competition has grown so big that officials are finding it difficult to find knobs – a hard type of biscuit.

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The event consists of throwing the biscuit across a field. 8,000 people took part in the festival back in 2018.

As Phillip explained that the festival was experiencing a “shortage of knobs”, Matthew started to laugh.

“Who knew?” Rochelle asked, smirking.

“The knobs got too big,” Camilla said with a straight face. “That could be problematic for the people of Dorset.”

Phillip Schofield’s swipe at Boris on This Morning today

phillip schofield rochelle humes laughing this morning today
Phillip’s joke drew laughter from all (Credit: ITV)

It was Camilla who made the first joke regarding the Prime Minister.

On the subject of the knob tossing festival being cancelled, Camilla said: “I’m wondering whether I should just wait before commenting on this before Sue Gray reports?”

Matthew and Rochelle laughed as Camilla continued, saying she thinks Sue Gray should carry out the inquiry for the shortage of knob biscuits.

“She’s commented on quite a few knobs as a matter of fact,” Phillip said.

Rochelle and Matthew then fell about laughing as Camilla gasped dramatically.

“Phillip!” she scolded the grinning 59-year-old. “Honestly!”

“I’m not sure there’s a shortage,” Rochelle quipped

“On that bombshell,” a smiling Camilla said, bringing the segment to a close. “Good grief.”

How did viewers react?

jennie bond matthew wright laughing on this morning today
Camilla Tominey and Matthew Wright couldn’t keep straight faces! (Credit: ITV)

“Sometimes you just can’t resist, eh?” Phillip laughed.

Many viewers of This Morning were loving Phillip’s cheeky swipe at the Prime Minister and took to Twitter to laugh about it.

“Phillip Schofield calling Boris Johnson a [bleep] live on air, best thing he’s said in years!” one viewer wrote.

“Now this is the news I want to hear about! Very well handled without going over the top @thismorning, I mean you could’ve gone really far with it but this was just perfect and made for a wonderful giggle. Pretty sure we’re all in need of that at the moment!” another said.

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“Oh Phil that was absolute class!” a third said.

“Don’t often watch @thismorning but Phillip! Only you could get away with that,” another commented.

However, many viewers were less than impressed. Some bought up the fact that Phillip and Holly Willoughby had taken a selfie with Boris back in 2019.

“Philip Schofield calling Boris Johnson a [bleep], sorry he can’t say that when he was acting like his BFF in 2019,” one viewer ranted in reference to the incident.

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