This Morning teacher

This Morning: Teacher covered in tattoos divides viewers as he’s banned from teaching kids under six

Sylvain Helaine insists his look shouldn't affect his job

This Morning viewers were divided over a heavily tattooed teacher who has been banned from teaching children under the age of six.

Sylvain Helaine, from France, said he can’t teach younger children after a parent complained about his look.

Sylvain has spent £52,000 on his tattoos, which include blacked out eyes and a blue tongue.

This Morning teacher
This Morning viewers divided over a heavily-tattooed teacher (Credit: ITV)

What did teacher Sylvain Helaine say on This Morning?

He said on the show: “I have never considered my work as a barrier.

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“I always wanted to be covered [in tattoos] but I didn’t want to cover my hands or my face because it’s socially difficult to do such a thing.”

Speaking about his tattooed eyes, Sylvain said: “[It hurt] a lot. Actually, it’s forbidden in France because it’s considered an illegal medical procedure.

This Morning teacher
Sylvain’s appearance sparked complaints from a parent (Credit: ITV)

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it’s painful and you can’t see a thing for a couple of days after.”

Going on to discuss the complaint made against him as a teacher, Sylvain said: “I have never had any complaints with my pupils and their parents.

I have never considered my work as a barrier.

“Each time I have received a letter it is from a parent from a pupil who has seen me once either in a playground or corridor.

“Last year, one three-year-old boy apparently had nightmares after seeing me, and he complained to his parents and they wrote a letter to my hierarchy.”

This Morning teacher
Sylvain said a three-year-old boy apparently had nightmares after seeing him (Credit: ITV)

He added: “They said there was a ‘radicalised man’ and they’d seen nude pictures of me because I’m a tattoo model as well which they found on the internet.

“When I go teaching I am fully dressed.”

What did This Morning viewers say?

Meanwhile, viewers expressed their opinions on Slyvain on Twitter.

Some people criticised his tattoos as one wrote: “He could be the best teacher on the planet.

“But I still wouldn’t want him influencing my child that it’s okay to mutilate your body like that.

“Just my opinion.”

Another said: “World’s most terrifying teacher is indeed terrifying.”

A third added: “There is no way I would want him as my teacher let alone my kid! 53k on tattoos too wow!”

However, others defended Sylvain.

In addition, one tweeted: “If he’s a good teacher and a nice person (which I personally think he is) then what’s the bloody problem?

“Parents will only say their kids are scared because it sounds better than ‘actually I, the parent, am the one that has a problem with this.'”

Another wrote: “I would let him teach my kids just because he has tattoos everywhere doesn’t mean he’s not a good teacher.”

After that, one said: “Tbh him being covered head to toe in tats doesn’t bother me #ThisMorning.

“If he’s a teacher and a good one I wouldn’t care.”

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