This Morning share hilariously embarrassing throwback picture of Eamonn Holmes

Well, it's a look!

As we all know, fashions come and go.

And what might look great in the here-and-now might not look so good in, say, twenty years time.

So people – those skinny jeans you are wearing now, we reckon you’ll be cringing one day when you look back at the pics in a few years time.

Today poor Eamon Holmes had a frightening flashback when he was reminded of what he looked like back in the 80s.

Not this 80s look, that we all remember from BBC’s Open Air.

Eamonn didn’t look all that different on Open Air (Credit: BBC)

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But this little known one, featuring a young Eamon sporting a rather slender ‘tache..

What’s that crawling around Eamonn’s mouth (Credit: ITV)

While by today’s standards this image is startling to say the least, when you think about it, when the pic was originally taken, that type of face fuzz was all the rage.

Kevin Webster in Corrie sported a tache around this time, as did rock heartthrob Midge Ure in Ultravox.

Kevin from Corrie looked hot with a tache (Credit: ITV)

So actually Eamon was super fashionable.

Who’d have thought it, eh?

But of course this didn’t stop everyone in the This Morning studio from guffawing about what he used to look like.

The image was flashed up on This Morning by producers after Eamon had interviewed a pair of Texan facial hair enthusiasts who will be competing in the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Stupidly Eamonn challenged his producers to find an old photo of him with a moustache.

After interviewing some moustache enthusiasts he challenged producers to find a pic of him with a moustache (Credit: ITV)

Sadly for him, his producers are pretty on the ball and managed to track a shot down super fast!

With a sunken heart, he said during a segment with Anthea Turner: “I’m told by Jess, our producer, that they’ve tracked down an old still of me wearing a spider – or a moustache, one or the other.”

Upon closer inspection, Eamonn said he thought the moustache was at “funny angle” but Ruth suggested that he was perhaps him mid-report.

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She then joked: “I’m not sure I would have fancied you back then!”

When he asked her if he should grow it back, “NO!” was the hasty reply.

What do you think? We actually think he’s pretty hot!

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