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This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby divide viewers with demonologist segment

Some called out the hosts over their behaviour

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interviewed a woman who quit her job at Greggs to become a demonologist on the show today (October 26).

Kelly Angel told the show’s hosts that she “opens the gates of hell” six times a day to send the demons back to where they belong.

Demon hunter on this morning
Kelly Angel told This Morning presenters Phil and Holly about her demon hunting role (Credit: ITV)

How did This Morning viewers react to Kelly Angel?

Viewers at home were baffled by the segment, with the show being slammed for giving airtime “to this nonsense”.

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Others commented on the behaviour of This Morning presenters Holly and Phil during the interview.

Some urged the pair to stop “giggling”, while others told the hosts to “stop taking the [bleep]” out of the guest and “let her carry on”.

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
This Morning star Phil was branded ‘rude’ by one viewer (Credit: ITV)

Is there a serious side to this Phillip says. She’s been serious since you started interviewing her but you both keep giggling,” one viewer slammed.

“I don’t believe a word she says but if she does, let her carry on.

“Phil’s sarky tone and looks are so rude,” said another.

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A third added: “Stop taking the [bleep] out of this woman by letting her continue to lie to herself and others.”

Others called out the show for “irresponsible broadcasting”, while anther added: “Professional Demonologist? Why do you give airtime to this nonsense?”

this morning presenters
Holly was seen laughing as she interviewed Kelly Angel (Credit: ITV)

How did This Morning presenters Holly and Phil react to Kelly Angel?

It’s fair to say Holly and Phil were a little perplexed when chatting to Kelly about her job.

She explained: “My job is to go in. What we do is collect it all and bring it back to my house… When I go home I open the gates of hell and take the dark energy over.”

“You go home and open the gates of hell?” a baffled Phil asked.

“Yes. I do that about five or six times a day. It’s pretty normal for me. Demons, we keep contained. I open the gates of hell and then take them down,” she said straight-faced.

Some viewers, however, did laugh along with the segment at home.

One said: “Has morning TV reached its peak now? Woman on #ThisMorning says she can open the gates to hell #ComedyGold.”

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