Phillip Schofield on This Morning

This Morning: Phillip Schofield emotional as he discusses mental health struggles

The star praised co-star Holly Willoughby and his family

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This Morning host Phillip Schofield got emotional on the show when he opened up about his mental health during a chat with co-star Holly Willoughby.

The beloved ITV star, 58, told viewers that often men can suffer in silence, and admitted that his head had taken him to some “scary places” in recent times.

Phil said that he planned to share more about his journey over the next few weeks in a bid to stop others like himself feeling like they’re all alone.

Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Phillip Schofield revealed that he sometimes struggles with his mental health (Credit: ITV)

What did Phillip Schofield say on This Morning?

“We know that women are much more likely to talk to seek help,” he said. “Men are less likely to talk it through.

“Over the next few weeks I will be talking a lot about my mental health, and where my head has been in recent times.

Suddenly your head takes you to dark and scary places.

“It’s surprising how you think you’ve got a grip on everything and then suddenly your head takes you to dark and scary places.

“You say loved ones can be instrumental in helping and there’s no question that I needed a lot of help in recent times.”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Holly watched as Phillip Schofield bravely opened up on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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The This Morning star went on to praise Holly and his family at home for being the ones who have been there to help him through his darkest times.

He said: “With people who sit by the side of me [points to Holly], who helped me enormously. Steph, my wife at home, my girls, my family.

“Loved ones can be instrumental in helping. I understand, I realise that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have sympathetic ears to listen.”

He added: “The first point is reach out to the people who know you the best and hopefully you’ll find a rock you can tie yourself to.”

Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Phil and his wife have reportedly discussed divorce (Credit: ITV)

Phillip and Steph ‘discuss divorce’

The Silver Fox stunned the showbiz world when he came out live on This Morning earlier in February.

And, as lockdown hit the nation, he happily stayed in the family home.

However, The Sun reported this month that Phil and Stephanie – his wife of 27 years – have “discussed divorce” recently as they plan their next steps.

A source told the newspaper that the couple have had “hard, painful” conversations over the last 10 months.

But the source also says that they remain “tight and devoted to one another”.

“She has been so supportive, and he won’t skip off into the sunset now and abandon her,” the insider said.

“At the same time, he has no desire to become embroiled in a bitter and costly divorce battle. Phillip is in no hurry to meet someone new.”

ED! contacted Phillip’s reps for comment.

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