This Morning: Phillip Schofield shocks the studio with X-rated warning to viewers

It's never too early for some cheeky innuendo on the ITV show

Holly Willoughby had her co-star Phillip Schofield in tears when she pulled out a gigantic marrow from underneath the desk on This Morning.

The presenting duo were chatting with a pair of brothers who had broken the world record for growing the biggest pumpkin ever.

Viewers were stunned by the size of the pumpkin (Credit: ITV)

The sizeable vegetable had Phil and Holly in awe, and left viewers at home baffled too.

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But Holly couldn’t help but compete when she brought out a giant marrow, that she said originally was supposed to be a courgette.

“Is there a website called” questioned Holly. “It’s quite on the large side, but in order to progress this to the size of your pumpkin you’re saying it’s just water and love?”

As the interview came to an end, Phil quietly warned viewers: “If I were you, I’d be careful before you google!”

But it was Holly’s marrow that pushed Phil over the edge (Credit: ITV)

What did This Morning viewers say?

The studio then erupted into laughter, and viewers rushed to Twitter to poke fun at the segment.

Why did Holly Willoughby spark debate on This Morning this week?

Taking to Instagram ahead of going live at 10am, Holly revealed what she was wearing and it quickly divided viewers.

She said: “Morning Tuesday… Once again we are doing dress rental in our fashion item today… this green dream is also only mine for a while… if it’s good enough for Cinderella!”

holly Willoughby debate
Holly Willoughby wore a rented dress that sparked huge debate on the show (Credit: ITV)

Holly Willoughby’s dress leaves viewers baffled

However, it wasn’t the fact the dress was rented that her followers took exception to, but the fact she’d said the dress was green.

“This is gorgeous! Although it’s definitely not green,” said one.

“I thought this! It’s teal surely? Beautiful though,” said another.

“It looks blue to me,” said a third.

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“It is dark teal,” another stated.

“That’s blue – unless I have lost my colour vision overnight?” another commented.

However, we can in fact confirm that the dress is in fact a shade called deep teal.

And, according to Wikipedia, teal is a “blue-green colour”.

So that means everyone was correct! Hooray!