Nicola Thorp and Alison Hammond on This Morning

This Morning fans up in arms as Nicola Thorp ‘laughs’ during heart attack segment

There were a lot of unhappy viewers

This Morning get Nicola Thorp came under huge fire today (March 18) as she appeared to “laugh” during a discussion about a rise in the number of heart attacks.

Friday hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary led the debate, which also included Gyles Brandreth.

Nicola Thorp laughing on This Morning
Nicola Thorp came under fire for laughing on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

The debate included a change in America which has made daylight savings time a permanent thing, meaning the clocks going forward and backwards won’t happen in the States.

Gyles said he thought it was a good thing, and then Nicola made her point.

She told the hosts she had a bit of trivia for them.

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Nicola said: “Every year when the clocks change there’s a spike in heart attacks.

“This is because people have changed the hours that they take their medication or they have a little bit less sleep and for whatever reason,” she said, stifling a giggle, “there is a spike in people who have heart attacks and heart related complaints as a result.”

Alison then said: “You’re laughing but it’s actually called the Circadian Rhythm. So changing the time can change your whole rhythm.”

Gyles then said that taking your medication “an hour earlier or an hour later is not going to give you a heart attack,” as Nicola laughed once more.

“Keep taking the statins,” he said, also laughing.

Dermot and Alison looking shocked
Dermot and Alison looked pretty shocked during the debate (Credit: ITV)

How did This Morning viewers react?

Badly, it was to be said.

People who had lost relatives to heart attacks tweeted the show to voice their disgust at Nicola’s behaviour.

One said: “Heart attacks are [bleep]ing funny now, are they?”

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Another added: “Nicola Thorp laughing about people having heart attacks is just crossing the line.”

A third said: “Laughing over people having heart attacks through time difference taking meds. Nicola is disgusting. Not funny.

“Don’t why she’s even on giving views. She’s only an ex Corrie actress.”

Having a heart attack is so hilarious,” said one viewer sarcastically.

“Why are they laughing at heart attacks?” asked another.

“She’s laughing about people having heart attacks? Seriously??” questioned another.

Disgust after losing loved ones to heart attacks

Others tweeted their disgust after losing loved ones to heart attacks.

“My dad died of a heart attack last year. You laughing over people having heart attacks for accidentally taking their medication late is disgusting and upsetting,” said one.

Another commented: “My husband passed away from a heart attack. I am bloody fuming at them laughing. They need to bloody grow up or work on children’s TV!”

A third said: “So my other half has had two heart attacks and works 12-14 hour shifts till 2-3 am so yeah clocks,  heart attacks etc, is really funny.”

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