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This Morning host Holly Willoughby divides fans as they question her ‘manners’

She's been scolded for having her feet on the seats

This Morning star Holly Willoughby has been scolded by fans for what they’ve called a “disrespectful” habit as she journeyed to work.

Holly shared a picture of herself in the back of a car on the way to the studio this morning (May 13).

And, while many laughed at the contents of the script Holly was reading on the drive in, others took exception to the star having her feet up on the seats.

Holly Willoughby Instagram
Holly Willoughby was scolded by fans as she headed to work this morning (Credit: ITV)

What did Holly Willoughby post to Instagram this morning?

Holly shared a picture of her black pointy courts resting on the car’s cream leather seats as she read a script on the way to work today.

The script revealed a pretty interesting segment coming up on This Morning today.

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It read: “Now, no one would like to find someone else in their marital bed , but imagine tucking yourself up with your husband every night and seeing the ghost of your dead mother-in-law standing in the corner of the room.”

While many giggled at the spooky script, others scolded Holly for having her feet up on the seats.

Last week, Holly was pictured in the back of the same car wearing black lace-up boots and, once again, was seen with her feet on the seats.

What did Holly fans say about the post?

Holly was scolded for her actions by many of her followers.

Some asked her nicely to take her feet off the seat, but others were a lot more direct.

“Holly, I do love you, but please take your feet off the seat. I used to tell my children off for that,” said one follower.

Get your feet off the seats please,” another asked politely.

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“I love you Holly, but please don’t put the shoes on the seat, they are so cream and very clean. It’s very rude indeed,” posted a third.

Everyone knows how rude it is to put your feet on a seat with shoes on.

“Holly come on now! Feet on seats? Tut tut,” scolded another.

Others worded their telling off a little more strongly…

“Total bad manners,” said one.

“Get your feet off the cream leather!!!” demanded another.

“Everyone knows how rude it is to put your feet on a seat with shoes on,” said a third.

“Feet on the seat okay if in your own car – disrespectful everywhere else,” another said.

This Morning star Holly Willoughby launches her new book
Some fans did defend Holly though, commenting that her shoes were probably brand new (Credit: Splash News)

Holly’s fans hit back at trolls

However, some had Holly’s back.

“Her shoes are probably brand new with the labels on the soles still,” offered one.

Another hit back at Holly’s haters and said: “There’s barely a tip of a heel on the seat, calm down!”

A third Holly fan commented: “Love how you relax on your way to This Morning with your feet up.”

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