Holly Willoughby on This Morning

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby says she’s either ‘happy’ or ‘desperately sad’ amid coronavirus isolation

She said she just wants a "medium ground"

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This Morning host Holly Willoughby has admitted she’s either “happy” or “desperately sad” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson enforced a three-week lockdown and urged people to only leave their homes if it’s necessary.

On Monday’s show (March 30), Holly said she’s experiencing mixed feelings amid the isolation.

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
This Morning star Holly Willoughby said she’s either feeling happy or “desperately sad” (Credit: ITV)

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She told co-star Phillip Schofield: “It is like all the adults left the building.

“I swing between, there’s no medium ground.

“I’m either ridiculously, euphorically happy or desperately sad and don’t know what to do. I just want a medium ground.”

Phil said: “It’ll come. We’ve just got to ride this out. It’s all driving us crazy. We’re all going slightly mad.”

Later on the show, the pair spoke to GP Dr Phillipa Kaye about the latest coronavirus news.

Dr Phillipa on This Morning - coronavirus lockdown
Phillipa predicts the lockdown could last for 12 weeks (Credit: ITV)

Deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries recently warned the UK could be in a partial lockdown for “six months or longer”.

Speaking about the comments, Phillipa said: “Doctors rarely give time frames, we rarely give specific times.

“We’re not having any changes realistically in the next few weeks but what we’re expecting is that the numbers continue to rise for the next two weeks.

I’m either ridiculously, euphorically happy or desperately sad.

“It’s only after that we’ll be able to see the impact to what we’re doing now.

“That doesn’t mean that in 12 weeks time… China, after about 12 weeks, are beginning to come out of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, Judge Rinder appeared on today’s show and revealed he thinks he had the virus.

Judge Rinder revealed he thinks he had the virus (Credit: ITV)

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What did he say?

The star – whose real name is Robert Rinder – explained: “I’m just through the other side of it. It’s [been] 20 days and I feel well now.

“I think I did [have coronavirus] but because frontline NHS staff can’t get tests, I refused to pay for one but I’m sure I’m fine.”

Revealing symptoms, he added: “Terrible temperature and appalling cough.

“Lying with my feet on the ground and my head on the bed watching the Kardashians. I must have been really ill.”

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