Holly Willoughby becomes emotional on This Morning

This Morning: Holly Willoughby and viewers in tears over dementia sufferer’s piano playing

Composer Paul Harvey, 80, has become an internet sensation

This Morning host Holly Willoughby was left in tears today over a dementia sufferer’s piano playing.

Composer Paul Harvey, 80, became an internet sensation after his son Nick posted a video of him playing an improvised piece on his piano using just four notes.

The public then created a campaign and the Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the piece alongside Paul and released it as a single, Four Notes: Paul’s Song.

Composer with dementia makes Holly Willoughby cry on This Morning
Holly Willoughby became emotional on This Morning over Paul (Credit: ITV)

What did Holly Willoughby say on This Morning?

The piece is currently sitting at number one in the iTunes and Amazon music charts.

On Tuesday’s show, Holly became emotional after footage played of former music teacher Paul’s song.

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She said: “I don’t know what it is, it’s just so emotional. I think that’s the power of music,” as her eyes filled up.

Phillip Schofield told her: “Look you’ve gone again, that’s twice it’s got you today.”

Dementia sufferer and piano player Paul Harvey on This morning
Nick posted a video of dad Paul playing an improvised piece on his piano using just four notes and it went viral (Credit: ITV)

Paul said: “I like helping people as far as music is concerned. I’ve done that all my life.”

Phil told him: “You’ve certainly done that. Even now helping people.”

Turning to Holly, he added: “It’s got you twice!” to which Holly said: “It really has got me, it’s still right there.”

When asked how he felt about the Philharmonic Orchestra recording with his song, Paul said: “I was a bit taken aback.

“I think the BBC Philharmonic is a wonderful orchestra. It’s awesome.”

Dementia sufferer and piano player Paul Harvey on This morning
The Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the piece alongside Paul and released it as a single (Credit: ITV)

What did Paul say about his single?

Footage then played of the musicians playing Paul’s music in lockdown and Holly teared up.

Paul said: “It was a great honour that they were involved and every time I hear that arrangement by them, I well up a bit and get a bit emotional.”

Phil said: “So does Holly, we’ve lost her again!”

Struggling to contain her emotions, Holly said: “I’m so embarrassed, I don’t know what’s happened. It just won’t stop. Sorry.

“I’m going to get my box of tissues!”

Holly Willoughby crying on This Morning
Holly struggled to hold back her tears on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Phil then gave Paul four musical notes and he played a tune using them.

After he finished playing, Holly said: “I wish we could hear more people applauding, that’s beautiful, well done.”

I’m so embarrassed, I don’t know what’s happened.

Paul’s son Nick said: “If he’s having one of his bad days, nothing is more healing than music with Dad.”

When asked if he will continue posting videos of his dad Paul, Nick said: “Of course, oh my word.

“We could release a whole album – one a month, 12 months from now, number one worldwide.”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
This Morning viewers were in tears too (Credit: ITV)

What did This Morning viewers say?

One person said on Twitter: “Literally cannot stop the tears. So beautiful @thismorning.”

Another wrote: “Omg!! Paul’s four notes had me in tears! Just added it to my playlist!”

A third added: “Just like Holly, I’m getting on emotional here.

“Just incredible to see this composer with dementia defying the odds, playing the piano with such ease. What a guy.”


Meanwhile, Paul’s melody also inspired a £1m charity donation from Scotland’s first ever billionaire, Sir Tom Hunter, who lost both his parents to dementia.

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The donation will be split between Alzheimer’s Society and Music for Dementia.

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