This Morning forced to cut short Alex Reid interview

He was talking about Charles Bronson's wedding

Alex Reid was on This Morning today to talk about being a guest at the recent wedding of Charles Bronson and Paula Williamson.

The interview was conducted via video link, but unfortunately, just as we were getting to the interesting bit about what had gone on at the ceremony and the reception, the connection cut out and Alex was lost.

Alex felt Bronson’s charity work should be the focus now (Credit: ITV)

He revealed Bronson started writing to him after he won Celebrity Big Brother. The cage fighter then went on to say: “I’m all about rehabilitation, give the guy a chance, the headlines just create a circus.”

But Ruth then questioned why Alex had started writing back to Bronson in the first place – “A lot of people will have got in touch after Big Brother, this man has been in jail for armed robbery and a string of violent attacks – why did you decide to write back?”

Alex was happy to be invited to the wedding (Credit: ITV)

“It wasn’t a straight away thing, it took some time, I thought: ‘give the guy a chance’, that’s all people need,” Alex replied.

He insisted the Charles he saw was calm and contained, saying: “He was mucked around a bit at the wedding ceremony, to push him, to prod him, and he was just like ‘oh well’.”

As we were about to start hearing what had happened at the reception, Eamonn asked: “What type of people were invited to the wedding, what was it like?”

“I was sitting next to Charlie’s senior prison warden…” Alex began, before the video link cut out.

Just as we were getting to the good bit too!

The segment also featured Bronson’s first wife Irene Dunroe who believes her ex-husband has rehabilitated and should come out of prison when he next faces the parole board.

Irene believes Charles should be a free man (Credit: ITV)

She said she never really saw the violent side to him when they were together, and that “prison has made him violent”

But it was when she called him “a gentleman” and said “he opened car doors for me,” that Eamonn jumped in with the quick-witted response:

“He also opened people’s heads in a violent way.”

Fans loved his quip and called him a “legend”.

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Eamonn also got fans talking about his attire – they thought the black jacket and purple shirt combo made him look like a vicar!

The purple of the shirt is rather like that of a man of the cloth…

Eamonn’s purple shirt got people talking (Credit: ITV)

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While it’s usually Holly Willoughby’s style that sets social media alight, Eamonn’s combo got tongues wagging.

They all asked on Twitter whether he was performing some sort of religious service later on!

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