This Morning fans slam ‘selfish’ hairdresser defying lockdown rules with ‘underground’ salon

She insisted she's taken "every precaution she can"

Viewers of This Morning have slammed a hairdresser for continuing to cut her clients’ hair despite lockdown.

A woman appeared on the daytime show on Wednesday alongside one of her clients, however, they remained anonymous.

The hair stylist, who went by the false name of Jane, insisted that she’s “taken every precaution” she can to ensure the environment is safe.

Hairdresser on This morning
The hairdresser and her client remained anonymous on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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‘Jane’ admitted she was “frightened” when the country was put into lockdown due to coronavirus because of the debt she has.

What did she say?

She said: “I’m in a lot of debt any way and it’s very hard to keep on top of bills, loans and credit cards.

“I thought how am I going to get through this and keep us all above water.”

‘Jane’ said she looked into Universal Credit but it “didn’t touch” what she was earning and it wouldn’t cover her bills and debt.

She said: “I don’t want to have bailiffs at my door. I’ve been in the situation many years now and I can’t go through that again.”

Hairdresser on This morning
‘Jane’ said she’s worried about the debt she’s in (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about making the decision to defy the rules and continue cutting her clients’ hair, ‘Jane’ said: “I thought long and hard about it.

“I’m very OCD with health and safety. I thought I’m going to take every safety precaution into hand.”

‘Jane’ has been seeing around 15 clients, including ‘Kate’ – which isn’t her real name – who revealed why she decided to continue getting her hair done.

‘We decided to take the best precautions’

She said: “She’s also a friend of mine and I was aware of the situation she was in.

“I myself was feeling incredibly low, depressed, anxious. I was missing my family in lockdown.

“We talked about it for a while and decided to take the best precautions we could to make sure the risks were as low as possible.”

Client ‘Kate’ said she was feeling down and depressed in lockdown (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, she continued: “We were both wearing masks, gloves and plastic aprons.

“We showered both of us before and after each time she came. I was just sinking lower and lower, I was feeling really miserable.

“She came round and it was wonderful.”

It’s no different to be going into a hospital or doctors.

When asked about the risk of seeing 15 clients has on her family, including her disabled child, ‘Jane’ said: “As for myself, I made sure the 15 clients I do have that none of them have family at home.

“They are all people who live on their own. Even though I’m going into their properties, I’m fully equipped and my equipment is sterile.

“It’s no different to me going into a hospital or doctors.”

Celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas then appeared on the show and slammed the pair’s actions.

What did he say?

He said: “The message is crystal clear from the hairdressing community. We’re all saying this should not happen.

“They should not be doing this. They’re both anonymous which means they’re not being transparent.”

Meanwhile, viewers also slammed the pair.

One person said on Twitter: “I’m not being funny but everyone is in the same boat here.

“Why on earth does this woman think she can continue to cut hair?? People like her is why it’s still spreading. Disgusting!!!!!”

Another wrote: “I’m finding this hairdresser and her clients on #ThisMorning incredibly selfish.

“They can’t even show themselves so obviously know how wrong what they are doing is.”

A third added: “Is this a wind up?? Seriously…how selfish!

“Then she has the cheek to compare herself with doctors and nurses.”

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