This Morning fans slam interview with convicted killer who shared prison with Myra Hindley and Rose West

She was in prison for 18-and-a-half years

This Morning has been criticised for interviewing convicted murderer Linda Calvey.

Linda went to jail in 1990 for 18-and-a-half years for the murder of her lover Ronnie Cook, becoming Britain’s longest-serving female prisoner.

During an appearance on the daytime show, Linda revealed she even shared a prison with notorious serial killers Rose West and Myra Hindley.

Linda went to jail in 1990 for 18-and-a-half years for the murder of her lover Ronnie Cook (Credit: ITV)

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She allegedly paid a hitman £10,000 to kill her lover Ronnie but, after he lost his nerve, she pulled the trigger herself at point blank range.

Linda, who is nicknamed The Black Widow because all of her lovers ended up prison or dead, also promoted her new book on the show.

Speaking to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Linda insisted she’s not being paid for the book or the interview.

She said: “I am not being paid for the book or this interview and I haven’t been paid for any of the interviews I have done in various newspapers.

“I’ve been home 11 years and in that time I have remarried, I have married a man who was a businessman and has never been involved in crime.

Linda insisted she’s not being paid for the book or the interview (Credit: ITV)

“He died four years ago and my children said to me, ‘mum, please put the record straight.'”

Linda also insisted she did not murder her partner Ronnie despite being convicted.

She said: “I got convicted for the murder, I have always said I never committed that murder. I was not in anyway involved in that.”

During her chat, Linda also spoke about her encounters with West and Hindley.

Linda claimed she slapped Moors Murderer Hindley, who had been jailed for life for killing five children with partner Ian Brady, because she was singing in the laundry room at HMP Cookham Wood prison.

Linda claimed she slapped Moors Murderer Hindley (Credit: ITV)

She said: “I walked in and she was singing. I just walked up to her and slapped her around the face because I thought ‘how dare you sing with what you did.'”

Linda then claimed: “She [Hindley] rubbed her face and she said, ‘I could get you sent back to Holloway for that.’

“And I said to her ‘Holloway holds no fears for me.’ I had already been there for two years. I just walked out and went next door and thought ‘Oh God.'”

Meanwhile, she branded West – who was convicted of 10 murders including her daughter Heather – “one of the worst women you could ever meet” and the “last person you would want to speak to”.

Viewers watching Linda’s interview were shocked and slammed the show for giving her a platform to tell her story.

One person said on Twitter: “This is absolutely horrendous. Why are they even interviewing this woman? She’s a convicted murderer and now they’re fishing for details about Myra Hindley & Rose West.

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“It’s the lowest of the low and is making me sick to my stomach #thismorning.”

Another wrote: “How low can #thismorning sink? Allowing a murderer to promote her book? Seriously? So disrespectful to any of her victims and people who were affected by her actions.”

A third added: “Wow #thismorning @thismorning could you sink any lower. No murderer should be promoted. Ever.”

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