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Thursday 9th April 2020

This Morning fans slam guest who says it’s okay to discipline someone else’s child

Vanessa Feltz disagreed with Paula Moosa during the debate

Viewers of This Morning are debating whether it's okay to discipline someone else's child.

During Friday's show, hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes spoke to Vanessa Feltz and mother Paula Moosa, who had very different views on the matter.

Paula, who has a son, admitted she doesn't see a problem with scolding strangers' children in public and has even done it herself.

Paula admitted she doesn't see a problem with scolding strangers' children in public (Credit: ITV)

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Paula said: "The reality here is all kids kick off. We're not talking about a five-year-old having a tantrum.

"We are actually talking about kids in the environment where they are not being parented properly."

When asked whether telling someone else's child off is just "passing judgment on their parenting", Paula insisted: "It's not on their parenting. It's on the child's behaviour.

"You need to separate the two. Children sometimes just have bad days but if it was an adult, you wouldn't expect an adult to kick off like that.

"Because it's a child, doesn't make it any different."

Paula said she's told off somebody else's child (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa cut in: "But you must never, ever, take it upon yourself to go directly to somebody's child and [start] telling them off."

Kids need to be told what they can and can't do.

Paula hit back: "Why not?" to which Vanessa said: "Because it's none of your business!"

Paula insisted: "But it is your business because it's impacting your personal space and the environment in which you're in."

Vanessa ranted: "In an absolute worst case scenario, you speak gently to the parents. You don't speak to the child. You don't tell somebody else's child to 'shut up.'"

Speaking about the moment she told somebody else's child off, Paula explained: "In the aircraft I've had kids kicking the back of my seat and that is not on.

Vanessa insisted you shouldn't tell off someone else's child (Credit: ITV)

"Sometimes the parents don't even care. You turn round then to the child and say, 'look you, stop it.' There's nothing wrong with that.

"Kids need to be told what they can and can't do."

Viewers were also divided over the debate, with many agreeing with Vanessa.

One person wrote on Twitter: "If anyone told my kid off I would happily smack that person in the face. My son has autism and can act like he is having a tantrum when he isn't. He is none verbal and can make loud noises to show he is happy or sad."

Another said: "You shouldn’t ever discipline someone else’s child - you don’t know why they’re behaving that way. The child may have ADHD or similar meaning they can’t control their behaviour and so telling them to shut [up] will make it worse!"

A third added: "What gives anyone the right to administer discipline to a child without explicit permission from the parent."

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However, others had a similar view to Paula.

One person tweeted: "Question from #ThisMorning: Could you discipline someone else's child? Yes, yes I could. And I have no problem disciplining a PARENT who has not taught their child decorum."

Another wrote: "God, so many parents have no idea of discipline these days. Those brat kids need a bit a discipline, that’s why society is in such a mess. Little kids shouting and screaming in restaurants and shops etc need to be taught how to behave. Softly softly is hopeless!"

A third commented: "Not discipline another person's child, but certainly, talk to them and see if you can make them happier or calmer."

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