Ruth Langsford and Eamonn holmes on This Morning

This Morning fans slam Eamonn Holmes for calling wife Ruth Langsford “very fat”

She just laughed it off!

Eamonn Holmes cracked a joke about his wife Ruth Langsford on Wednesday’s This Morning but it didn’t go down well with some viewers.

The couple were discussing their New Year’s resolutions when Ruth, 58, revealed hers is to get healthier and lose weight.

Ruth said she has an app on her phone to help her achieve her goals and Eamonn couldn’t help but make a joke.

Eamonn joked about Ruth’s weight as she revealed her new year’s resolution is to shed some pounds (Credit: ITV)

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Eamonn told viewers: “Ruth has done the typical trap where she’s said [she wants to] lose weight, obviously.

“She’s got one of these app things that told her how many calories she’s restricted to, bearing in mind her bulk, and how much intake she can have during the day,” as Ruth burst into laughter.

Ruth explained: “So for my bulk, my age and my height, I’m only allowed 1,200 calories a day!”

Eamonn then joked: “That’s because you’re very fat. That’s why.”

Eamonn’s joke didn’t go down well with some viewers (Credit: ITV)

Laughing, Ruth replied: “You’re going to get, ‘Eamonn stop being horrible to your wife!'”

Continuing his joke, Eamonn quipped: “I’m only stating a fact.”

Some viewers watching from home weren’t impressed with Eamonn’s comment and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “Eamonn I can’t believe you called Ruthie fat! She is lovely and I think you and I both know you are punching above your weight!!! Ha ha.”

Another wrote: “Eamon only managed to last 4 minutes before making a derogatory comment to Ruth. Bored of seeing their boring relationship. Switched off.”

A third tweeted: “Fancy calling your wife fat on TV Eamonn.”

Others, meanwhile, were thrilled to have the duo back on their screens.

One person said before the show: “Can’t wait to watch you and Ruth on This Morning, Eamonn… love you both.”

“That’s good Eamonn, prefer you and Ruth hosting it,” another said.

Earlier in the show, Eamonn and Ruth opened up about how they celebrated the new year.

Eamonn said: “You lot would think that me and her, being showbiz inclined, that we would be out [partying] somewhere, but…”

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford
The couple spent NYE snuggled up on the sofa (Credit: Instagram)

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As a photo popped up showing Ruth kissing her sleeping husband on the head, Eamonn added: “That’s me asleep on the couch with Ruth waking me up to say, ‘darling, it’s about to strike midnight.'”

Ruth joked: “We feel so old and sound old!”

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