Alice Beer This Morning cucumber

This Morning fans horrified as Alice Beer says you must keep cucumber out of the fridge

And eggs in the fridge!

Alice Beer left This Morning viewers aghast today during a segment on what foods should be kept in the fridge.

Not only did she tell us we’re putting our cucumbers and eggs in the wrong place, but she made plenty of innuendos while doing it!

Alice revealed to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that a graphic doing the rounds on Facebook has shown that we’ve been putting the wrong things in our fridge all these years.

Where do citrus fruits belong?

First up they discussed citrus fruits, which Holly said she kept in the fruit bowl and Phil said he kept in the fridge.

Alice Beer citrus fruits This morning
Alice Beer says we’re storing lemons wrong on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Alice, who also keeps them in a bowl, said: “The fruit bowl is the worst possible place you can keep them, Holly, we are doing it wrong.

“Because they like a cold temperature and they’re going to last much longer if they are in the fridge, it’ll slow down the rippening process, basically.”

However, it was the next item on the menu that really had viewers – and Holly and Phil – up in arms.

Cucumbers! “Where do you stick your cucumbers?” Alice asked.

Cucumbers should be WHERE?!

Cucmbers go in the fridge, surely? (Credit: ITV)

“In the fridge? Me too, that’s where I’ve been keeping my cucumber and you’d think I’d know at the age of 55, but no, I’m really sorry, the College of Agricultuire and Environmental Sciences has said that they should be kept at room temperature.”

Outraged Holly cut in: “Hang on a second, my fruit bowl’s going to have cucumbers sticking out of it and my lemons will be in the fridge, the world’s gone mad!”

Alice continued: “If you leave a cucmber at less than 10 degrees celsius for more than three days it will get cold injury. It’ll start to decay.”

What did This Morning viewers say?

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears when they were told to keep their cucumber in bowl at room temperature instead.

A little bit of innuendo

However, it was Alice’s jokes and innuendos that had fans questioning whether she was okay. Some even thought she’d been drinking before the segment!

“Cucumbers are ethylene sensitive, so basically Philip you want to keep your cucumber away from Holly’s melons because that would make it ripen muich quicker,” she quipped, leaving Holly and Phil pretty speechless at the suggestion.

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In the next breath, Alice was chatting about eggs and she said: “Where do you keep your eggs? Apart from in your ovaries?”

She proceeded to talk about her love for eggs: “I’m afraid the most important thing for these little wonderous things – I’m quite obsessed with eggs, I love them, I think they are so beautiful – is that they have to have consistency and stability of temperature because it’s the fluctuations in temperature that put them at risk from salmonella.”

She concluded they belong in the fridge.

Is Alice okay?

People began to wonder if ‘lockdown had got to Alice’ by this point!

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Other foods she talked about included keeping bread in the fridge and butter out of it! Plus nuts should be in the freezer!

Where do you keep yours?

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