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This Morning fans divided over Beverley Turner’s coronavirus views

She had some strong ideas

This Morning fans were left divided today after Beverley Turner appeared alongside Deacon Blue star Ricky Ross to discuss the top stories of the day.

First on the agenda on This Morning‘s View was Leicester, which has become the first UK city to be put back into lockdown following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Beverley had some pretty strong views on the situation and started by sharing coronavirus figures.

Beverley Turner This Morning ITV
Beverley Turner gave her views on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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What did Beverley Turner say on This Morning?

“I think we’ve got to look at the numbers here, and I genuinely feel like aliens have landed and taken over Downing Street at the moment,” she said.

“The goverment has said there are 135 people infected in Leicester for every 100,000 people. There are 330,000 people in Leicester, that means there are 444 people infected. If the infection rate of COVID is 0.25 that means of those people one person is going to die.

“We also have to remember who is dying from COVID and change the message because the average age of deaths is 80, only two per cent of people who die are under 50, and 90 per cent of people who die have pre-exisiting medical conditions.

“So we have to tell the people who need to be really careful, the elderly, those who aren’t well and also those who are overweight [to be careful].”

Beverley Turner This Morning ITV
Beverley thinks lanyards are a good idea (Credit: ITV)

You need to warn against the advice Beverly was just giving.

She continued: “If you are healthy, if you are young, if you are well, if you are young and not going home to a house that has an elderly unwell relative, go about your business. Allow people to run their restaurants, to run their bars, to open their pubs, to open their schools, because this one-size fits all policy is damaging a lot of livelihoods.”

She then went on to suggest that we should be protecting the vulnerable by making them wear lanyards to let people know they are classed as such.

“As we become more complacent, let us focus the message and who is it important to protect,” Beverley explained.

“I’m a big fan of the lanyards, everyone who has a unseen physical condition should be given lanyards and wear them so that we know we can give those people, like my mother who has an auto-immune condition, we can give them more space when we walk past them in the street, we can give them a wider berth in the supermarkets.”

How did viewers react?

It was this that sparked outraged among some social media users.

Others backed Beverley

Some backed her, though, insisting she did have a point.

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