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This Morning: Elderly guest accidentally rows off camera in awkward moment

Eamonn and Ruth couldn't believe what was happening

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This Morning viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing on Tuesday’s (October 20) show when Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford interviewed an 80-year-old man who found himself drifting away from the camera mid-interview.

Major Michael Stanley has pledged to row 100 miles for charity in a boat he made himself which he’s dubbed “The Titinic” because of the material its made of.

The ITV show decided to visit him at a canal in Chichester where Michael was in the middle of his 100-mile journey to find out how he his challenge was going.

Major Mick couldn’t seem to control his boat (Credit: ITV)

What went wrong on This Morning?

However, the interview quickly spiralled into complete chaos when it became clear that Mike didn’t quite understand that he needed to stay near the camera for viewers to actually see him.

“There he is, ahoy major Mick!” said Eammon. “What are conditions like this morning?”

Before Mick could answer he began rowing himself away from the camera, much to the surprise of the presenters.

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“Wait… maybe you should come back a bit. You’re getting further and further away from the camera!” shouted Eamonn as the studio erupted into laughter.

Sadly for Michael he couldn’t seem to work out how to get back to the camera, and spent most of the interview drifting around the canal.

“What are the chances of it sinking Major?” asked Eamonn.

“Well that’s a very hurtful comment,” laughed Michael. “I have a very trusty been tin which I’ve been using to take the water out!”

Eamonn and Ruth couldn’t control their laughter (Credit: ITV)

What did This Morning viewers say?

Viewers rushed to social media to share their amusement over the car-crash interview.

Some couldn’t contain their laughter, while others worried about Mick being able to navigate himself on the 100 mile journey considering he was having a hard enough time finding the camera.

Jose Gibson got bitten by a pig on the show on Monday (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Josie Gibson on This Morning?

Josie had viewers cackling on Monday (October 19) when her visit to a farm didn’t go quite as planned.

The former Big Brother star was playing with a group of pigs that are claimed to help relieve stress when things quickly took a turn for the worse.

The presenter, 35, was explaining how the pigs help to alleviate anxiety and stress when one of the pigs decided to take a bite of her hand.

“Ow!” exclaimed the star as she tried her best to persevere with the segment.

Sadly for Josie the pigs were having none of it, and one then bit her for a second time.

“I can’t believe he bit me,” shouted the star.

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