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Monday 25th May 2020

GP says UK is likely to be in coronavirus lockdown for three months

She said nothing is going to change in the next few weeks

A doctor on This Morning has said the UK could be in lockdown for three months amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Phillipa Kaye appeared on Monday's show (March 30) to discuss the latest coronavirus news with Professor Jonathan Ball.

Deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries recently warned the UK could be in a partial lockdown for "six months or longer".

Dr Phillipa Kaye said on This Morning that nothing will change in the next few weeks (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about Dr Jenny's predictions on This Morning, Phillipa said: "Doctors rarely give time frames, we rarely give specific times.

"What we don't want is for someone to say in three weeks time, 'you said it would be back to normal by now.'

"We're always going to give longer time frames than shorter ones."

She continued: "When [Dr Jenny] says for the end of lockdown, that doesn't mean that things are going to start to come back earlier.

"We're not having any changes realistically in the next few weeks but what we're expecting is that the numbers continue to rise for the next two weeks.

Phillipa predicts the lockdown could last for 12 weeks (Credit: ITV)

"It's only after that we'll be able to see the impact to what we're doing now.

"That doesn't mean that in 12 weeks time... China, after about 12 weeks, are beginning to come out of the lockdown.

"I would imagine that we would do the same. It might be that schools reopen before the theatre does.

We're always going to give longer time frames than shorter ones.

"Life will return to normal gradually."

Host Holly Willoughby then asked Professor Jonathan: "If we follow these rules now then we are more likely to come out of it quicker?"

Prof Jonathan said: "Absolutely because what these measures are trying to do is slow the spread of the virus by separating people.

Professor Jonathan warned Brits to "expect this virus to linger for some time" (Credit: ITV)

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"The less people mix, the slower the virus can spread therefore you start to ease the pressure on the NHS.

"But it's certainly not going to go away, expect this virus to linger for some time."

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