Phillip Schofield and Daisy Payne

This Morning fans’ fury over Phil’s ‘kill them’ quip in Daisy’s gardening segment

What did they ever do to you eh, Phil?

This Morning gardener Daisy Payne hosted a segment on the show today telling Brits how to get rid of box tree caterpillars.

She explained that they’re not native to the UK and can quickly decimate your box hedge.

Host Phillip Schofield seemed particularly peeved to hear this, clearly a keen gardener.

However, after his comments to Daisy, some This Morning viewers were wondering about his animal-loving credentials.

This Morning host Phillip Schofield grimmacing
This Morning host Phil certainly isn’t a caterpillar fan (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Phil and Daisy on This Morning?

Daisy presented a segment on how to deter the moths that eventually turn into caterpillars and eat the hedges.

“They are a really troublesome problem,” she explained.

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She noted the signs that you’d see in your hedge, including cobwebs and the hedge going a little wispy or brown.

Daisy suggested cutting these pieces of the hedge out and discarding them.

She also said Brits should encourage birds to the garden as they eat them.

And then This Morning host Phil interrupted.

This Morning gardener Daisy Payne with a box hedge
This Morning gardener Daisy did tell Phil ways to more humanely remove the pests (Credit: Instagram)

Phil sparks fury

“Daisy!” he shouted.

“I thought one of the problems was our indigenous birds don’t like to eat these caterpillars,” he said.

They’re not supposed to be here, they’re stripping the hedges, kill them!

“Yeah, we’re clutching at straws here, I can’t lie,” she admitted.

“How do we kill them?” he asked.

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Daisy then said killing them would be a last resort, to which Phil replied: “It’s not a last resort, it’s a first resort!

“They’re not supposed to be here, they’re stripping the hedges, kill them!”

At Phil’s request, Daisy detailed a biological spray that targets the caterpillars and doesn’t harm any other creatures in the garden.

She revealed: “It makes the little caterpillars explode and then the other caterpillars eat them.”

This Morning viewers react

To say a lot of those watching at home were furious would actually be a bit of an understatement.

“Phil saying ‘kill them’ live on TV is promoting animal cruelty! Leave the caterpillars alone! They’re harmless and they grow into beautiful butterflies and moths. The wally,” declared one.

“Sure David Attenborough and Greta be really chuffed at their attitude to the caterpillars,” said a second.

“Kill caterpillars? I’m outraged!” declared a third.

“That’s it, promote killing insects,” another commented.

“‘They’re not supposed to be here, kill them!’ Christ, alright calm down Phil!” advised another.

“Daisy’s tips for keeping caterpillars and moths at bay! |You do realise gardens and shrubs are their homes!! Here’s my tip for you Daisy… GET LOST!!!” said concluded.

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