Phillip Schofield looking puzzled at This Morning guest holding alien inflatable

This Morning guest details love life with ‘alien boyfriend’: ‘Once you go alien, you’ll forget Earth men’

Emanuela claims she met her lover when she was abducted by aliens

A This Morning guest with an “alien boyfriend” detailed their love life during an appearance today.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke to Emanuela Rose about her relationship with her alien boyfriend ‘Emmanuel’.

Emanuela claimed that she met her lover when a UFO appeared outside her window to abduct her.

This Morning guest holding an inflatable alien on May 19, 2022
Emanuela has an alien boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

This Morning today

She told Holly and Phil that once she was onboard she met five aliens, and one has since become her boyfriend.

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Emanuela said she’s now hoping he will propose to her after dating for more than a year.

She appeared on This Morning with an inflatable alien, which apparently contains Emmanuel’s spirit inside.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby speaking with This Morning guest who's holding an inflatable alien
The guest claimed she was abducted by aliens and one of them has become her lover (Credit: ITV)

She told Holly and Phil: “The doll is here as a placeholder. My alien boyfriend communicates with me telepathically.

“We don’t speak to each other. It’s a lot of powerful vibrations to behold as a human being so it’s easier for me to on a daily basis hug and hold him.

“So it’s a symbolic representation.”

Emanuela said her alien boyfriend does take her on dates but he “doesn’t really understand” them.

This Morning guest speaking on show while holding inflatable alien
Emanuela declared that “once you go alien, you forget Earth men” (Credit: ITV)

She said she can’t travel too far from Earth as her “human body can’t take far travel to his planet”.

Holly then asked about the couple’s intimacy.

Emanuela said: “Once you go alien, you forget Earth men. If there’s any ladies listening or men or anyone inbetween who’s interested in dating men and you’re tired of men, I recommend the aliens.”

Holly asked: “Why is it better?”

Emanuela admitted: “Aliens are pure energy so we can’t even go all the way that he can go because it would kill me.

“Compared to Earth men it’s times a million.”

Emanuela then said she now wants to take their relationship to the next level and is hoping Emmanuel will propose.

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She told Holly and Phil: “He did try and propose but I’m pretty traditional so I want a ring and he doesn’t know what that is.

“He has no Earth money so I’m hoping over time we can save up the money.”

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