This Morning accused of “sinking to new depths” with latest segment

It wasn't something you see every day

This Morning viewers were put off their breakfast today after Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield hosted a segment on designer vaginas.

They even interviewed a woman having the procedure live on air.

A curtain covered Annie’s modesty (Credit: ITV)

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With Phil sitting on the sofa behind a curtain, Holly stood with Annie Wardle chatting to her while she lay on a surgical bed with a therapist treating her.

As the procedure began, Holly kept talking and asking how it felt.

After it was finished, Annie then took a look in the mirror and declared her vagina felt “firm and tight”.

Holly was asking about the procedure (Credit: ITV)

Holly then thanked their guest for “being really brave” and having this all performed on television.

But brave wasn’t exactly how viewers felt about it, they were more shocked that this was being shown on daytime TV.

The topic also saw Holly and Phil in hysterics when he reminded her how embarrassed she used to get covering this sort of thing when she first arrived on the show.

“Do you remember when you started here first of all?” he asked.

“I know what you’re going to say,” Holly replied. “Yes, and I said ‘I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to saying the word vagina on telly’.”

The hosts got the giggles (Credit: ITV)

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Phil then asked: “And how do you feel today?”

“Yeah, fine, just normal. Just rolls off the tongue.”

As both presenters stood in shock for a moment at what she’d just said, they then broke into fits of giggles.

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