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Things have moved on a LOT with Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson’s CBB romance

But where does this leave Sarah's 'secret boyfriend' on the outside?

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson have taken their blossoming Celebrity Big Brother romance to the next level after making it OFFICIAL last night.

The pair’s flirtatious relationship has kept viewers glued to their screens – especially after it emerged Girls Aloud singer Sarah had been cheating on a ‘secret boyfriend’ on the outside world.

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson have made their romance official on Celebrity Big Brother (Credit: Channel 5)

But it seems like Sarah’s made her choice about who she wants to be with, after accepting Chad’s offer to become girlfriend and boyfriend.

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It happened during a night of drinking in the garden with fellow housemates.

Ex on the Beach star Jemma Lucy, 29, posed what could have been a very awkward question, asking if Sarah, 35, and The Bachelorette star Chad, 30, had made it “official” yet.

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The pair were put on the spot by their Celebrity Big Brother housemates wanting to know their status (Credit: Channel 5)
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Sealed with a kiss! Chad asked Sarah to be his girlfriend in front of the whole house (Credit: Channel 5)

The pair looked at each other and nodded.

After lots of screaming from the excited housemates, Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, 25, then wanted to know how Chad had asked Sarah to be be his girlfriend.

But without breaking a sweat and showing his dating show roots, confident Chad smoothly replied: “Do I need to ask her to be my girlfriend to make it official?”

Turning to Sarah, he then said: “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Sarah smiled as she replied: “Okay!”

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They’ve been growing close in the house – despite Sarah dating someone on the outside (Credit: Channel 5)
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Sarah lives in the UK, while reality star Chad is based in America (Credit: Channel 5)

While it’s great news for Sarah and Chad, it may not go down well with viewers, given many have already lashed out in disapproval at Sarah embarking on a romance while having a man waiting for her on the outside.

Sarah told The Sun before arriving in the house that she was spoken for and wouldn’t be flirting with any of the housemates – but that was before she met Chad.

They crossed the boundary between friendship and romance last week by kissing in the kitchen before cuddling up together in bed.

Channel 5
The couple locked lips in the kitchen last week (Credit: Channel 5)
They have also cuddled up in bed together (Credit: Channel 5)

Since then, Sarah has admitted feeling torn between the handsome American and her mystery boyfriend – whom she was dating for four weeks before CBB.

She said after kissing Chad: “I just feel terrible that I let my emotions get the better of me because my emotions are all over the show in here.

“I just don’t want to make a fool out of anybody.

“I’ve only been dating for four weeks and I just don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Sarah has admitted feeling guilty about hurting the man on the outside she was dating for four weeks (Credit: Channel 5)

However, she continued to grow close to Chad, leading to them making it official in scenes yet to air on the main show.

The identity of her real world beau has yet to be revealed, as he’s kept mum on her house antics.

Sarah has, however, had support from her pal Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who wrote in her The Sun column she didn’t think Sarah was doing anything wrong.

Chad has made no secret of his feelings for Sarah (Credit: Channel 5)

“Usually I wouldn’t condone a girl who has a man copping off with another guy BUT Sarah Harding doesn’t have a man, she’s just been dating someone,” she wrote.

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“We all know by now she’s a sensitive soul who feels deeply and I for one was over the moon when her and Chad became friends because it was just what she needed… an ally, a mate, a confidante.”

Celebrity Big Brother next airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.