The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window on Netflix: Who is in it? What is it about? Is the trailer out?

It boasts a truly impressive cast!

The Woman in the Window is an upcoming Netflix psychological thriller.

This movie boasts a stellar cast and is based on a bestselling book.

The book was written under the pen name A. J. Finn in 2018, real name Daniel Mallory.

The book reached the prestigious number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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So what is it about? When is it out? And are there any reviews yet?

We explore this upcoming film below…

woman in the window on netflix
Amy Adams’ character is terrified of going outside (Credit: Netflix)

What is The Woman in the Window about?

The Woman in the Window looks set to serve as perfect pandemic and post-lockdown viewing.

As it is about an agoraphobic psychologist, Dr Anna Fox, who becomes fascinated with a neighbouring couple.

She can view their apartment from her window, and to her they seem to have the picture perfect life.

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After befriending the wife, Anna is left devastated when her new friend appears to be attacked.

Disbelieved by authorities, she engrosses herself in finding out what truly happened.

Who is in the Netflix cast?

Amy Adams plays Dr Anna Fox. While additional big names include Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Wyatt Russell.

woman in the window Netflix 2021
Will anyone believe Dr Anna Fox? (Credit: Netflix)

When is the The Woman in the Window out on Netflix?

The movie will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday May 14.

What are the reviews saying?

As The Woman in the Window isn’t out yet, no official reviews have been released. But watch this space!

Is the trailer out yet?

Yes! The trailer is out now. In the trailer Dr Fox believes she sees her friend being stabbed.

However, the police and the neighbour’s husband claim she has never even met the woman before.

Then things get even weirder when ‘the wife’ Jane reappears – but is played by a different actress.

Anna’s later told her medication can cause hallucinations. But she insists she is not ‘crazy’ and knows that something happened to the ‘real’ Jane.

As the trailer unfolds, this movie is clearly full to the brim with shocks and twists galore.

The trailer can be viewed in full below:

Why has The Woman in the Window taken so long to come out?

The Woman in the Window was originally created to be released at cinemas.

In fact, produced by 20th Century Studios and Fox 2000 Pictures, it was originally set to be released in October 2019.

But it was put on hold for further editing – following test screening feedback.

Then the pandemic hit – throwing the entire movie industry into near chaos.

netflix new movie
Is this the real Jane?! (Credit: Netflix)

Its movie release was subsequently cancelled. Only to be finally sold to Netflix for a digital release.

What’s more there was also some controversy around the author’s claims.

An article in The New Yorker claimed Daniel Mallory made various fabrications about his life and family.

The article also draws parallels between the 1995 film Copycat and Daniel’s novel.

Daniel made a formal statement correcting some of his past claims, and blamed any discrepancies on being diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.

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