The Wheel’s Michael McIntyre left ‘disappointed’ as show is branded a ‘major anti-climax’

Not a single penny was won during Saturday night's episode!

The Wheel’s Michael McIntyre has been left “disappointed” after no one won the latest show (January 16) – and fans aren’t impressed either.

Michael, 44, admitted his “legs had turned to jelly” after the hour-long episode finished in a “major anti-climax”.

Viewers had been gripped throughout Saturday night’s The Wheel, as two contestants built up an impressive £28,000 prize fund.

But despite both of them – and a new third contestant – being given the chance to win, they all walked away empty handed.

The Wheel’s Michael McIntyre said his ‘legs turned to jelly’ when no one won (Credit: BBC)

The Wheel’s Michael McIntyre had ‘legs like jelly’

Stunned host Michael said: “Oh no! My legs have turned to jelly. That was so disappointing.

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“We have no winner tonight. No one’s going to WrestleMania, no one’s going travelling. No one’s putting down deposits and nobody’s going to America.”

He then explained why the show had to end there.

michael mcintyre disappointed when no one wins the wheel
The comedian said he was ‘disappointed’ by the finale (Credit: BBC)

“There’s three chances to win, because if we carry on and on, it can go on forever,” the comedian said.

“Then they have to do that thing where Match Of The Day has started late…”

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He then described is as a “very, very unfortunate finale”.

Off to a good start

The episode began with civil servant Abigail popping up through the wheel.

She managed to clear two subjects before being booted off when it landed on a frozen out player, singer Sophie Ellis Bextor.

michael mcintyre becomes the wheel
Fans were gripped during the show (Credit: BBC)

Next up, mum Natasha, suffered a similar fate during her turn, but was given a second chance when she popped back up.

She then completed the wheel and attempted to win the entire £28,000 in the final, with the help of Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson.

But the pair answered a question about police ranking incorrectly, meaning Natasha was kicked off.

Abigail then popped up again and chose highest scorer, MasterChef star Gregg Wallace, to help her win half of the money.

She was kicked off when they got a question about time difference wrong.

andrew fails to win the wheel
Third contestant Andrew didn’t win the show either (Credit: BBC)

Third contestant, a farmer called Andy, was last to appear out of the wheel.

Spent an hour watching #TheWheel & you’re telling me nobody is going home with any money…. Major anticlimax.

But despite being given the chance to scoop a whopping £56,000 without having answered a single question previously, he also failed.

The chap, from Dorset, and Love Island star Alex George got their question about sci-fi wrong.

michael mcintyre
Fans branded the episode an ‘anti-climax’

Fan fury

Taking to Twitter, one fan moaned: “Spent an hour watching #TheWheel & you’re telling me nobody is going home with any money…. Major anticlimax.”

Another added: “Talk about anticlimax! #TheWheel.”

A third tweeted: “Tonight’s episode was so intense! Couldn’t believe absolutely no one took away the money.”

One viewer even said: “When no one wins on #TheWheel it is actually devastating.”

The Wheel continues next Saturday at 8.30pm on BBC1. 

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