Viewers of The Voice Kids were all saying the same thing about last night's episode

The Voice Kids viewers all have the same criticism ahead of tonight’s final – “it’s unfair”

Danny Jones called it "frustrating"

Viewers of The Voice Kids on ITV all have the same criticism of the show as it heads towards its final tonight (Wednesday December 29).

Fans of the show – which has run every night on ITV since Monday – have called the format “unfair”.

Viewers of The Voice Kids were all saying the same thing about last night's episode
Danny Jones said it was frustrating (Credit: ITV)

What were viewers complaining about on ITV show The Voice Kids?

Judges, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and Melanie C have had to pick their favourites from a procession of talented kids.

But in last night’s show viewers noticed something that they thought was unfair.

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Many argued that kids performing last were at a disadvantage because they would not be chosen by the judges who, by that stage, had already filled their team rosters.

After the judges didn’t turn for 14-year-old contestant McKenzie, Danny Jones said: “It’s very frustrating.

“We’re getting to the stage where things are getting full. My team is full. Timing is everything.”

How did viewers react to the ‘unfair’ disadvantage?

On Twitter, one viewer said: “This program is so unfair, the people that are scheduled last not out of their choice aren’t able to be picked as the coaches are now full! #thevoicekids #itv #thevoice.”

Another fumed: “#TheVoiceKids is such a [bleep] format.

“How unfair to say to that kid ‘oh if you’d have been an earlier audition I’d have turned’.”

A third added: “So, how many kids are left?

“Do the judges hear them all or do some go home without being given a chance? #TheVoiceKids.”

The Voice UK viewers noticed an annoying habit from
Viewers noticed the habit (Credit: ITV)

What else have viewers complained about?

It’s not the first time viewers have noticed something during this series.

After Monday night’s show, they all complained about’s very noticeable habit.

During the blind auditions, he kept saying he wished he had turned for those contestants he hadn’t.

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One viewer said on Twitter: “Count and take a shot every time Will says he is upset he didn’t turn throughout the blinds #thevoicekids #thevoicekidsuk.”

Another asked: “Does Will.I.Am just spend all his time saying he wish he turned?!”

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