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The Upshaws: Who joins Wanda Sykes in cast of new Netflix sitcom?

Will this be your new favourite sitcom?

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Netflix series The Upshaws sees comedy legend Wanda Sykes return to her best in a family sitcom we can’t help but relate to. 

If you need a laugh, then this is the series to watch this weekend. 

Wanda even helped create the show with the help of Regina Hicks and Mike Epps – and by the reviews already, it’s becoming a favourite. 

Here’s everything you need to know about The Upshaws including what it’s about and who is in the cast.

The series tracks the life of a dysfunctional blended family (Credit: Netflix)

The Upshaws on Netflix: What’s it about? 

The Upshaws is a brand new take on a wholesome sitcom, and by that we mean, they’re not that wholesome. It’s promising a realistic (but still hilarious) look on life inside a family home. 

Centrally, there’s Bennie – a car mechanic and dad-of-four whose family is extremely complicated. 

He’s trying and balance his life into one blended family, after having one child in high school and another from a ‘break’ from his wife. 

Although that’s easier said than done. 

At least the kids – Bernard Jr., Kelvin, Aaliyah and Maya – have one thing in common… they all find their parents completely cringe. 

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Amid the madness is Regina’s sister Lucretia, who’s not quite forgiven her brother-in-law for fathering another child away from his marriage. 

…Which basically means there’s a lot of awkward going around. 

Who is in the cast of The Upshaws?

Mike Epps plays leading man Bennie, while Kim Fields plays his long-suffering wife, Regina.

Wanda Sykes plays Lucretia – Regina’s fast-talking sister and extra pair of hands when the kids get too much to handle.

As for the children, Jermelle Simon plays Bernard Jr, Diamond Lyons plays Kelvin, while Khali Spaggins plays Aaliyah, and young Journey Christine plays Maya, the youngest member of the family.

They are joined by Gabrielle Dennis who plays Tasha Lewis, who is the mother of Kelvin.

Tasha is a source for a lot of friction, as she had the baby during a ‘break’ in Bennie and Regina’s relationship.

Finally, Page Kennedy is Duck, Bennie’s childhood friend and confidante who has just been released from prison.

The Upshaws - Netflix
Wanda Sykes leads the cast of the all-American sitcom (Credit: Netflix)

Is The Upshaws worth watching?

The Upshaws has received a mixed response from critics.

While some state it’s a refreshing take Black family life, others say the slapstick humour is too contrived.

The Wall Street Journal gave the show a scathing review, and said: “The aesthetics evoke the era of Good Times or All in the Family, although the social messaging is absent.

“In fact, the jokes are entrenched in racial stereotyping and clichés.”

Entertainment Weekly though, were slightly nicer, and wrote: ‘Sometimes, reinvention means going back to basics. The Upshaws […] juices the multicamera-family-sitcom model with fresh dynamics, depth, and genuine laughs.’

The Upshaws is available now on Netflix. 

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