The Undoing finale

The Undoing finale: Who was the murderer and who else did Jonathan have an affair with?

Sky Atlantic viewers now know who the killer is - but what about everything else?

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The Undoing finale finally aired this week as viewers discovered who was the murderer but will there be a Season 2?

The sixth episode aired to a mixed reception from critics, and some viewers weren’t pleased by the big reveal in the end.

As a result, there are still plenty of questions that need answering.

Jonathan Fraser and his defence lawyer Haley Fitzgerald in The Undoing
Jonathan Fraser and his defence lawyer Hayley Fitzgerald in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

Who was the murderer in The Undoing?

After weeks and weeks of throwing every red herring they could think of, it was finally revealed that Jonathan was the murderer.

Everyone from Grace to Henry had been implicated, but in the end it turned out the answer was the most simple of them all.

Jonathan brutally murdered Elena in a fit of rage after she refused to stay away from his family.

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman in The Undoing
Fans still have some burning questions (Credit: HBO)

Why did Jonathan attack Elena so violently?

Jonathan’s attack was particularly aggressive, and came from a place of deep-seated rage.

Elena threatened to expose their affair and destroy his family.

Not only could he have lost custody of his son, but he was at risk of losing his wife and his home.

As we learned throughout the series, Jonathan had a severe inability to feel remorse or empathy which could have clouded his judgement further.

To Jonathan, Elena was in the wrong for wanting to expose their affair and the only way to protect himself was to kill her.

He also may have beaten her so brutally to later help his defence when claiming that he loved her.

Did Sylvia sleep with Jonathan? (Credit: HBO)

Who was the other woman Jonathan had an affair with?

During a visit with his lawyer in prison, Jonathan admitted that he had also had a one-night stand years ago.

However, the affair was never brought up again and seemingly Grace had no idea either.

Viewers have questioned who the woman could be, and some have an interesting theory.

Many believed it was likely to have been Grace’s best friend, Sylvia.

This could also explain why Jonathan went to Sylvia for help when he had troubles at work.

Were they closer than we thought?

Fans are convinced Sylvia was up to something (Credit: HBO)

Why was Sylvia acting so suspiciously?

If fan theories are correct and Sylvia had slept with Jonathan, this would make her odd behaviour make more sense.

It would mean that she was desperately trying to maintain her friendship while at the same time hoping her secret never comes out.

Or, probably more likely, the show just wanted to add yet another red herring into the mix to confuse viewers until the finale.

The Undoing Nicole Kidman
Did Grace know more than we think? (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Did Grace know Jonathan was a sociopath all along?

As the series progressed, Grace became an increasingly unreliable narrator. At first she seemed entirely innocent and unaware of her husband’s activities.

But as more questions began to be raised, she became more suspicious to viewers.

While the rest of the group of mothers were rude and dismissive to Elena in the first episode, Grace was overly nice.

When Elena kissed her in the lift, instead of running to tell her friends she kept it to herself.

It was also revealed Elena had made a number of phone calls to Grace but they went unanswered.

If she did know, then perhaps she had also known about her husband’s mental state for longer than suggested?

Was she playing a game all along?

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman star as Jonathan and Grace Fraser in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic)
All of Jonathan’s secrets were revealed in the finale (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

The word narcissist is thrown around a lot nowadays, however it’s far more serious than pop culture would suggest.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) involves a pattern of self-centred and arrogant behaviour.

Those with the disorder lack the ability to feel empathy and consideration for anyone other than themselves. They also have an excessive need for admiration. This would explain Jonathan’s career as a doctor.

Those with NPD are also highly manipulative, and use gaslighting as a form of control on those around them who they claim to love. This also explains why Jonathan tried to convince Grace that it was Henry who had murdered Elena.

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Hugh Grant plays Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing (Sky Atlantic)
Jonathan was out of control in the final episode (Sky Atlantic)

Was Jonathan planning to kill his son Henry in The Undoing finale?

Jonathan’s reign of terror ended in a car chase that at one point looked set to kill them both.

Tensions were high as he drove the car into the path of on-going traffic and toward a bridge.

Some viewers have suggested that Jonathan wasn’t the real killer, and instead he decided to take the blame for his son.

He kept insisting he just wanted to spend time with his son before prison, but even Jonathan himself appeared unconvinced by what he was saying.

At that point it seemed as if even Jonathan had no idea of where the end of the road was for him.

People with NPD also take rejection very poorly, and often lash out with various degrees of anger and aggression. His outburst in the car alluded to this when Henry kept begging to get out.

The Undoing
Jonathan was also the murderer in the novel as well as The Undoing (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Was Jonathan also the murderer in the book?

Yes, Jonathan was also the killer in the book, You Should Have Known.

However, unlike in the TV show, he only appears in the past tense in the novel.

Grace and Henry have moved into the beach house while Jonathan is on the run for the murder of Elena.

In the end he is eventually captured, and Grace appears to move on with another romantic interest.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has a packed schedule which makes season two unlikely (Credit: Splash News)

Will there be a Season Two?

Sadly for fans, the show was a complete re-telling of its source material.

As a result, it appears unlikely that a second season will happen.

HBO has also billed the show as a “limited series”.

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman also has a busy schedule over the next year and is tied up in other TV and film projects.

All episodes of The Undoing are still available to stream on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

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