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The Undoing Episode 4: What is witness tampering? Has Jonathan framed Fernando for murder?

Hugh Grant stars as suspected murderer Jonathan, who has been released on bail...

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The Undoing episode four aired on Monday (November 16 2020) and saw Jonathan out on bail – where he almost immediately began witness tampering by visiting Fernando Alves – is Jonathan going to frame Fernando?

Viewers know that Jonathan has been released from jail – for now – after his father-in-law Franklin paid a whopping £2million bail.

So what happened in episode four of The Undoing and what the hell is Jonathan up to?

***Warning: spoilers from episode four of The Undoing ahead***

Hugh Grant plays Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing (Sky Atlantic)
Is Jonathan going to frame Fernando in The Undoing? (Credit: Sky Atlantic / HBO)

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What happened in episode four?

The Undoing episode four was not short on drama.

Grace hired badass attorney Haley Fitzgerald to defend Jonathan, and she immediately began to look into Grace and Jonathan’s pasts.

She told Jonathan: “The scene of the crime is essentially a shrine to your DNA.”

Grace is no longer on the police radar as a suspect, but they do suspect her of withholding information.

Honestly, it would be difficult to tell with her limited range of facial expressions.

Grace’s dad Franklin, played by the mighty Donald Sutherland, came into his own when he confronted Jonathan – agreeing to pay his bail even though he told Jonathan: “I think you are guilty. I think you killed that woman.”

He later admitted that “Jonathan upset him in a profound way the moment I set eyes on him”.

Franklin didn’t stop there, however, and annihilated the head of the snooty private school Grace and Jonathan’s son Henry attends.

When Robert Connaver suggested Henry should be homeschooled to avoid disruption and unwanted attention on the school, Franklin hissed: “I’ve given a lot of money to this school. Make no mistake, I am an old-fashioned [bleep], and I [bleep] anyone who hurts me or a loved one.

“You speak of ugliness Mr Connaver, you have not yet met ugliness.”

Mic drop, Franklin!

We all need a protective dad like Donald Sutherland’s Franklin (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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What is witness tampering?

Jonathan paid Fernando Alves a visit shortly after being released on bail.

Viewers saw him plead with Elena’s son Miguel that he’s innocent.

Fernando admitted he struggles to love Elena’s daughter, the result of her affair with Jonathan.

He even let Jonathan hold her and feed her.

Jonathan offered to have the infant.

This is witness tampering.

Witness tampering is the act of attempting to improperly influence, alter or prevent the testimony of witnesses within criminal or civil proceedings.

Is Jonathan going to frame Fernando Alves?

Grace has already labelled Elena’s husband as “volatile” even though he’s done absolutely nothing wrong, except raise two children (as far as we know).

Jonathan agreed to film a televised interview, in which he protested his innocence.

He said: “I’m flawed. I’m not honourable. I was unfaithful. But I’m not guilty of killing Elena.”

The cancer doctor even admitted he loved Elena, saying: “I have lost someone I love.”

He went on the blame the jealously of another… Fernando?

At the end of the interview, Jonathan looked into the camera lens and told the audience: “I know who did it.”

Did he plant something in Fernando’s flat when he visited?

Is Jonathan going to frame Fernando?

Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing (Credit: Splash)
Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic / HBO)

Why is Jonathan estranged from his family?

Attorney Haley questioned Jonathan about his family, and Jonathan admitted he’s estranged from them all.

Not one family member to vouch for you Jonathan?

Smells a bit fishy to us, JF!

The disgraced doctor also admitted that he’s cheated on Grace once before, after losing a patient.

Is Grace lying?

We learnt that Elena had called Grace numerous times before she died, but Grace never picked up.

Why was Elena calling Grace?

Does Grace know something more than she is telling?

Police also revealed a stunning portrait of Grace which Elena had been working on before she was murdered.

Did Grace pose for it? Or was Elena obsessed like Jonathan claims?

Nicola Kidman as Grace Fraser in The Undoing
Nicola Kidman as Grace Fraser in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic / HBO)

What happens in episode five of The Undoing?

As the first day of the trial gets underway, the prosecution presents shocking evidence.

Later, Henry divulges a secret to Grace.

The Undoing continues on Monday November 23 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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