The truth about Jude Appleton’s job FINALLY revealed in Coronation Street

What on earth is the big secret?

Jude Appleton thrilled his family and Coronation Street neighbours when he announced he’d got a fancy pants new job as a marine biologist.

But Corrie fans smelt something fishy – pardon the pun!

He’s got the cool jumper, but has he got the cool job? (Credit: ITV)

Convinced he’s been hiding something, ITV viewers have been keen to learn the reasons behind Jude’s mysterious behaviour.

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And they’ll find out the truth next week…

Coronation Street will reveal the full story behind Jude Appleton’s secrecy – and, unsurprisingly, Tracy Barlow has a part to play in it.

Viewers will get to the bottom of the mystery in forthcoming scenes (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Jude’s mum Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) realises something is wrong when her son doesn’t want to talk about his new role.

But Jude’s got an even bigger problem with Tracy Barlow smells a rat, too!

And when Tracy suspects something, she’s like a dog with a bone…

Mum vows to protect the truth about Jude, but will Tracy agree? (Credit: ITV)

When Mary and Angie decided to surprise Jude (Paddy Wallace) at work, Tracy decides to tag along to find out what the deal is…

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And, when they arrive, they make a shocking discovery about Jude and his job. Seems like he’s been lying to them all along.

Will they keep quiet to protect Jude? Hmmm, this is Tracy we’re talking about, right?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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