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The Tourist on BBC One: Jamie Dornan hints at second series of brilliant thriller

We want to see what happens to Danielle Macdonald's character Helen Chambers!

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The Tourist continues on BBC One this Sunday, although some viewers have already binged all the episodes – so will there be a second series?

It’s one of the most talked about shows of 2022 so far.

And with good reason.

So will viewers get to see Elliot Stanley again?

Here’s everything we know about a second series of The Tourist, and what actor Jamie Dornan has said about it.

***Warning: may contain spoilers for The Tourist series one***

Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers
Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers in The Tourist (Credit: BBC One)

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The Tourist second series – will it return?

The end of The Tourist is hardly conclusive.

You won’t find any major spoilers here but, suffice to say, the writers left the door open for a second series.

Not just a smidgen open either, we’re talking W-I-D-E open.

Whether Jamie Dornan’s character Elliot Stanley is alive or dead remains to be seen.

But fans certainly want to see the character and other cast members return.

After binge-watching the entire first series, one viewer simply tweeted: “When is the second season of The Tourist series coming?”

Another added: “Will there be a second series of The Tourist? Anybody? #TheTourist.”

A third wrote: “If there isn’t a second, third and fourth series of The Tourist, I shall be very disappointed… #TheTourist.”

“Anyone watched The Tourist? Is there a second series?” asked one more viewer. “I don’t get the ending.”

The Tourist second series – is it confirmed?

BBC One has not confirmed a second series of The Tourist.

Fans will have to wait and see if writers, brothers Harry and Jack Williams, decide to pen another six episodes.

Harry Williams previously said: “I would love to make this show again with these people.

“I’m not entirely sure it’s possible.

“We’ve loved every minute. Normally you’re sick of it by this point having watched 900 cuts of one episode but I still love it and I’d love to do it again.”

As fans, we’d love to delve into Elliot’s past and find out why and how an accountant ended up working for a drug trafficker.

Perhaps the second series of The Tourist could be set in Northern Ireland, instead of Australia.

The options are endless!

The Tourist episode three
Danielle Macdonald as Helen in The Tourist (Credit: BBC One)

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Do Helen and Elliot end up together in The Tourist?

Well, that’s something we’d want to find out in a second series.

The partnership between untrustworthy Elliot and trusting Helen was the main draw of series one.

The first series deliberately ended ambiguously.

Viewers generally either love or hate an ending that still leaves major questions hanging in the air.

But it means there’s lots of scope for a possible second series.

The Tourist second series – what does Jamie Dornan say?

Actor Jamie Dornan has teased a possible second series of The Tourist.

“The plan was always for it to be a one-off,” he said, in an interview with

However, he added: “I guess it’s a little bit open-ended with the end, people still have questions.

“Obviously we had good plans for it, wanted it, but the response to it, as you know, has been insane and the amount of people [who have] watched it, and the love for it is very real.”

So is that a yes, Jamie?

He teased: “I saw something the other day that they said that there’s talk of… they’d be looking into how they could do a second series of it if there is a want, and it seems there is a want.

“So who knows, the plan was only ever to play The Man once, but we’ll see.”

We’re taking that as a YES!

Pretty please?

The Tourist continues on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. All episodes are currently on BBC iPlayer.

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